Breast Enlargement

What makes your breast grow?

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What makes your breast grow faster?


Does soy tea make you breast grow?

Unfortunately, though Women may want it to be so, there is no food that makes a Women's Breast grow.

Do carrots make your breast grow faster?

No; nothing makes them grow faster. It's all in your genes.

Do periods make your breast grow?

No, going through puberty makes your breasts grow, but you get your periods as you go through puberty.

What makes female breast grow?

Estrogen levels in your body causes your breasts to grow. Most breast growth occurs when you're estrogen level are spiked due to your body maturing. Breasts also tend to grow when pregnant.

Do mammary glands tell breast size?

If you mean if the gland is what decides the size of your breast they do not. It's in your genes and hereditary. It's the hormones that makes them grow.

Does granola aid in breast tissue growth and if so how?

No. Nothing makes your breasts grow, it's genetic.

Is breast will grow due to breast suck?


What medication really works to get your breast to grow and stay big?

Only surgery and implants can do that. Oestrogen is what makes them grow naturally but what size they will have depends on your genes.

How do you make your breast grow if you just started your period?


Im 21 and underweight can your breast still grow?

Yes, my breast can still grow.

Does birth control make your breast grow?

Yes it makes you gain weight but some or most go to your boobs.

How girls can grow their breast size naturally?

You just wait and it will grow. (unless you have a breast problem.)

Can hormones grow breast?

If they act on breast tissue then yes.

How kids can make there breast grow?

Well your breast doesnt grow until you are big you dont have to start puberty for large breast ppl such as smaller and younger will grow at age20 srry but true

How does your breast grow?

They grow very large... then they explode...

How can a male teenager grow breast?

you can grow pecs which is muscle in the breast area...or you can get breast implantsif your a male i would hope your not not getting a pair of boobs dude

What is pruberty?

Its when your breast starts to grow. (Basically when your boobs staart to grow) But when you learn about this and your teachers like, what does puberty mean say Its when your breast starts to grow!

Do breasts grow when pressed by boys?

No. The only thing that makes a breast get bigger is DNA. No pill, bra, cream, food, or drink will change the size of a breast. Surgery is the only other way.

Can wearing a bra at 16 make your breast stop growing?

No, wearing a bra makes no difference to breast growth. Your breasts will continue to grow as normal, your bra is just there to offer support to your breasts.

Is a breast augmentation performed to reduce breast size?

Breast augmentation is for enlarging a breast size, but there is a surgery for breast reduction. Each surgery does a different shaping to the breast. One makes it larger and the other makes it smaller.

Does breast sucking help your breast grow?

no one realy knows

Will usin a breast pump make your breast grow?

No, it is for bringing on milk.

Will progesterone make a male grow breast?

The progesterone is also a female hormone so there is a chance to grow male breast.

Do breast grow during your period?

yes, they will grow alot