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am not 100% but it may be you are not in the correct gear for your speed or you could be running out of fuel
Bad universal joints or CV Joints.
Low on Transmission Fluid.
Transmission slipping
Engine miss due to Bad plugs/wires
a lock up converter on the tranny will jerk if the pressure switch is going bad.

The mass air flow meter could be broken

Is your car a stick shift? If not .
Sounds like you need to replace your fuel filter. Whens the last time you changed it?
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Q: What makes your car jerk when you are driving it?
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What causes a car to Jake when driving?

Do you mean JERK?

What does it mean when you are driving and you can feel your car jerk into gear?

change the map sensor

Why does your 97 dodge car always jerk while driving?

cause yours is broken

Why would a car jerk while driving at high speed?

could be failing transmission

What causes a car to jerk while driving?

What causes a car to jerk while driving can be based on many factors. A car can sputter due to engine compression issues, bad transmission, engine misfire, bad spark plugs or even low fuel.

When driving 1995 Dodge Intrepid cuts off while driving sometimes the engine will jerk?

Sounds like cam position sensor , when it starts going out it affects the timing causing the car to jerk and run badly

When driving a 1999 mercury cougar occasionally when breaking the car will jerk to one side but when accelerating shortly after the car will jerk in the opposite direction what could this be?

Sounds like a broken or loose suspension component on your driving wheels. This could be deadly. Better take it in to a professional -------- now.

What makes a car jerk?

This could be the cause if an improper alignment if it happens under normal straight line driving. If the jerk is more prevalent when going on bumpy roads, it may be a sign of bad shocks or springs. If the jerk is occurring during braking situations, the problem may be related to the bearings being worn or warped discs/drums in the braking system.

Car makes noise when driving?

You can use a car noise database to compare noises at

What makes car jerk when the air conditioner is on?

The AC compressor puts quite a load on the engine, especially one with less cylinders. It puts a load on the engine, causing it to jerk back and forth.

What force makes two plates jerk into new positions?

e makes two plates jerk into new positions

When theirs a small evop leak would it cause your car to jerk?

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

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