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What makes your odometer display and your tach quit working at the same time then start working again at the same time?


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most likely the electricity going to them


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A helpful fellow from BenzWorld gave this answer for your year and model: •Turn key to position 2, engine off. •Scroll the information menu using the left side steering wheel buttons to the "Service A/B exceeded by xxx miles" indicator, NOT to the odometer display •Press and hold the (R) trip odometer reset button at the left of the dash for about 4 seconds until a "Do you want to reset service interval" display appears •Release the button •Press and hold the (R) button again until the Service indicator display indicates its been reset. The display changed to "A service due in 10,000 miles." Most descriptions I've seen say to start at the odometer display. At least on my 2000, you must start at the service indicator display. Makes sense, actually. Good luck with this as I have seen these processes fail time and time again. The best way to get this done, in my humble opinion, is to drive into the service bay of your friendly neighborhood Benz dealer and ask them to do it for you.

Check the fuse in the fuse box; Also check to see if your speedometer cable snapped, this will cause the odometer to stop working as well If your speedometer is still working and just the odometer has stopped, the most likely problem is a little plastic drive gear in the instrument cluster. This is the most common problem with many makes of cars. If you are handy you can buy a replacement gear on Ebay for a few dollars and replace it yourself. Otherwise take the vehicle to an instrument repair shop. This problem usually occurs if you reset your odometer while travelling, it breaks a tooth off the little gear.

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