What man's size shoe is equal to a youth size 7?

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The size 7 you refer to must be adult as there are no records of a male, child shoe size 7 in the international charts
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What would a woman's shoe size be compared to a man's size 10?

7. Answer: In Canada, I think it's size 12. I'm a man and years ago when I went shopping for men's summer sandals in late August, I found stores were sold out, but women's were still in stock. I normally wear size 9-9 1/2 and the women's size 12 fit very well, but they were a little too long, by ma ( Full Answer )

What would a woman's shoe size be compared to a man's size 7?

Answer . The woman's shoe size is approximately 1.5 to 2 sizes smaller than the man's, so a man's size 7 shoe is approximately a woman's size 8.5 or 9. . However, this all varies from brand to brand. For example, I am a size 7 in woman's, and wear size 5.5 Converse. If possible, it is best to ( Full Answer )

What American shoe size is a british shoe size 7?

There is more than one possibility, depending upon whether you are seeking the size for a man, woman, or youth (boy's & girl's measurements are the same): British men's size 7 converts to an American man's size 7½. British women's size 7 converts to the American woman's size 8. British y ( Full Answer )

Men shoes size equal to womens shoe size?

No, women's shoes are acctualy BIGGER than men's. Women's are 1 1/2 bigger than men's. Per a friend of mine who owns a shoe store --- add 2 to a men's size to get a women's size.

What is the equivalent youth size of a woman's shoe size 6.5?

The answer is Youth size 4.5 is equivalent to Women's size 6.5.\nThere is a website that is a great referrence for these things\nhttp://www.bigshoebazaar.com/Measureshoe.php\nIf you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll see charts for men, women, and children with the foot measurement in inch ( Full Answer )

A women's size 6 shoe is equivalent to what youth size?

Size 4. Shoes Size Conversion Charts: Mens shoes size: 40-us7-uk6|41-us8-uk7|42-us8.5-uk7.5|43-us9.5-uk8.5|44-us10- uk9|45-us11-uk10|46-us12-uk11|47-us13-uk12 ; Womens shoes size: 36-us5.5-uk3|37-us6.5-uk4|38-us7-uk4.5|39-us8-uk5.5|40- us8.5-uk6 ;

Womans shoe size 6 is what in youth size?

their about the same but a little bit different depending on how wide or thin or fat your foot is, but other than that their equivalent

What is a size 10.5 Filipino shoe size equal to in UK shoe size?

lol, i dont know what is the official shoes size in Filipino, there are three most used shoes size standards :UK/ US and EUROPE different sizes measurement match different CM. There is a size conversion table for your reference http://www.fulljordan.com/Column9.aspx for men's and women's shoes and ( Full Answer )

A youth shoe size 5 is equal to what kids size?

Youth size is equal to kid size, they are the same thing. So to answer your question, 5. If you mean little kids, youth does not convert to little kids sizes.

If you are a size 7 in women what size are you in men shoe size?

Probably a size 7 or 6 in men's shoe sizes. Men's feet tend to be a little bit wider and taller than women's. I would disagree. I'm a 8.5 women's and have often bought size 7 men's tennis shoes. If you are a size 7 women's, you are probably a 5.5 or 6 men's. One thing is that men's shoes (especia ( Full Answer )

What is a size 6 in boy's shoe size equal to in a men shoe size?

I am pretty sure it would be a 6.5 in men's but i am not sure. At the shoe store they usually have foot measuring things, so check his foot size in that or ask a employee if it is a gift or he is not with you. remember to get a size or half a size bigger for growing room if his feet are still growin ( Full Answer )

What is a shoe size 7 in womens equal to mens?

In the U.S., I believe that women's shoe sizes are roughly two sizes smaller than men's. So a women's size 7 would be a man's size 5. Whoops, I spoke too soon: the answer is a 5 1/2 . A women's size 7 is a men's 5 1/2. See the Related Link below for a conversion chart.

What shoe size is bigger youth 7 or men 7?

Men's Size US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes Inches CM . 6. 39. 5.5. 9.25". 23.5. 6.5. 39. 6. 9.5". 24.1. 7. 40. 6.5. 9.625". 24.4. 7.5. 40-41. 7. 9.75". 24.8. 8. 41. 7.5. 9.9375". 25.4. 8.5. 41-42. 8. 10.125". 25.7. 9. 42. 8.5. 10.25". 26. 9.5. 42-43. 9. 10 ( Full Answer )

What is youth shoe size 7 in adult size?

There are NO comparisons . This is because shoes sizes progressive get larger. The some countries start at size 1 to 5 which are small and are considered child size then from that size up they class these as adults - you will not normally find a 7 child = an adult 4 for example