What man portable surface to air missile is an improved version of the SA-18?

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9K38 Igla, SA-16 Gimlet
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What is a surface to air missile?

A missile fired from the surface (ie the ground) intended to hit a target in the air (ie a plane) . A missle fired on the ground that seeks out an airborne target.

Acronym for surface to air missiles?

They are typically referred to as SAMs. The Nike was the first one developed in the US. It was designed to shoot down ICBMs being fired at US targets..

What is the difference between a Surface to Air Missile and a Theater Ballistic Missile?

SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles) which gained notoriety during the Vietnam War (shooting down B-52 bombers/and fighter bombers) are for air defense and are part of the air defen

How many aircraft shot down by surface to air missiles in Vietnam?

Approximately 190 US jets were shot down by N. Viet SAMs during the war. 110 USAF & 80 USN and/or USMC. 194 SAMs were fired in 1965, shooting down 11 jets 1,966 SAMs fired in

What are the trajectories of Surface-to-Surface Missile?

The parabolic arc of a SSM is determined by both the launch and target site coordinates and the flight characteristics of the particular missile. Imagine throwing a baseball a

How does a surface-to-air missile differ from an air-to-air missile?

Surface to air is shot from the ground into the air at the target. Air to air is fired from another aircraft. Actually there is very little difference. just where the missile

Can a surface to air missile lock on and destroy a tank?

It MIGHT be able to lock onto a tank, but it wouldn't destroy one. AA missiles are designed to fragment (much like a hand grenade), which sends shrapnel into very thin-skinned
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What is an air-to-air missile?

In air Combat, when an aircraft fires a missile at another aircraft, it is known as an Air to Air missile. The Sparrows and Sidewinders were air to air missiles
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Is trishul is a surface to air missile?

Trishul is a surface to air missile . Trishul has a range of 9 km and is designed to counter a low level attack with a very quick reaction time. It is all all-weather surface-
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Can long range surface to air missile replace a combat air patrol?

No. SAMs are generally only useful for shooting down aircraft, and suffer from problems of limited range (about 150 miles for the best of them), visibility to the enemy (SA
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Which is surface to air missile?

It's pretty cut and dry... it's a missile launched from the surface (which can either a land-based launcher or a ship-based launcher) and it's intended to seek airborne target