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What material is the best insulator for ice?

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They are polysterene foam and fiber glass (not encouraged due to irritation of the skin when broken). Also you can use Styrofoam and sawdust. tin foil is useful because it reflects the light, but if it is making contact with the ice cube then it just makes it melt faster.

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Which material is the best insulator of heat?

The best insulator of heat is probably polystyrene foam or fiber glass.

What is the best insulator for an ice cube?


What material makes the best heat insulator?

your butt!

What is the best insulator to keep ice from melting?


What material is best insulator of heat and is cheap to buy?


What material is the best insulater?

1. Lack of material or vacuum is the best insulator 2. Aerogel 3. Peanut Butter

What material makes the best heat insulator metal or wood?


Is quartz a conducting material or insulator?


What material is the best thermal insulator?

Dead air space, or motionless air.

Is an ice chest a conductor or an insulator?


What is an insulator a conductor?

An insulator is a material that does not conduct electricity. A conductor is a material that does conduct electricity. For example, copper is a conductor and glass is an insulator.

Is ice an insulator?


What is the best material to melt ice?


Which is a better insulator for keeping ice frozen a metal can styofoam cup or plastic cup?

Assuming each container has only one layer of material, the styrofoam cup will be the better insulator.

Describe a heat insulator?

a heat insulator is a material with a high capacity and obviously n high melting point the best materials for this use is a ceramic

What is an elctrical insulator?

any material that does not conduct electricity is an insulator.

What type of material would not be a good insulator?

Any metallic material would not make a good insulator.

What material insulates ice the best?

Styrofoam is the best material for insulating ice because of its chemical structure and make up. That is why styrofoam coolers are so popular.

What material acts as the best insulator wood shavings fiberglass solid wood concrete?


Is shoe lace conductor or a insulator?

Most probably an insulator. But shoe lace isn't a material, it's an item. And it's the material that decides if an item is an insulator or not.

Is material a insulator?

Yes but it depends on the type of material.

How do you know if a material is a conductor or insulator?

a material who conducts electricity is a conductor whereas that which donot conducts electricity is insulator.

Is a material that does not conduct heat well?

A material that doesn't conduct heat well is called an insulator.

How do you make a insulator that can not make ice melt?

to make an insulator prevent ice from not melting is to use tinfoil and dirt.

Which material get easily charged by rubbing and what such material is called?

An insulator Becomes statically charged when rubbed against another insulator

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