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What material is used to make hard drive disks?

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Typically, a very fine iron oxide coating is put on the surface of disks, but it can be just about any medium that will maintain a magnetic field.

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Q: What material is used to make hard drive disks?
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How can you do a harddrive recovery?

"First you must make sure you make backup disks for your computer regularly, when and if your hard drive crashes simply reboot from your back up disks."

What are Hard drive removable disks and cds for a computer?

Hard drives, removable disks, and CDs are ways of storing information for computers. They make the process of backup up or moving data from a computer much easier.

I have two hard disks in my computer and I want to clean install Windows 7 64-bit If I install it on one of my hard disks am I going to lose data from another one?

No, you are not. Just make sure that you format the right drive. I would recommend to disconnect the second drive while you are performing installation. When you finish connect the second drive back.

How do you use dual hard disks?

You plug in the second hard disk and make sure it's formatted. Voila, you're using two hard disks. Nothing to it, really.

What is a magnetic hard drive?

Let's make it simple! Think of a CD or DVD; they are optical recorded disks. If instead of a plastic coating like the DC or DVD the disk was coated with a VERY thin layer of magnetic material, now you would have a magnetic disk that you could read or write on just like a cassette recorder or a 8-Track recorder. Now, instead of just 1 magnetic disk you stacked 2 or more magnetic disks vertically and if you place a electric coil between each set of disks to read or write to the disk surfaces; then you would have a magnetic hard drive or what is more commonly referred to as: A HARD DRIVE.

How do you make a usb flash drive appear under the Hard Disk Drives catagorey in Windows XP?

Drives that show up under Hard Disks must be identified as a fixed disk, but flash disks generally show up as removable, so you won't see them under the Hard Disk category.

Can zip disks be used instead of hard disks?

Windows does not support booting from a Zip drive, but most Linux distributions do. While one could theoretically use one as a hard drive (for Linux), the low capacity (750 MB max) and relatively slow speed make it a rather unattractive option. Zip disks also have many known reliability problems, so it should not be trusted to store data for a long period of time.

What materials are used to make the hard drive?

Typically, a very fine iron oxide coating is put on the surface of disks, but it can be just about any medium that will maintain a magnetic field.

A disk marked as dynamic can be used with other dynamic disks in a spanned or volume?

Basic disks and dynamic disks are two types of hard disk configurations in Windows. Most personal computers are configured as basic disks, which are the simplest to manage. Dynamic disks can make use of multiple hard disks within a computer to duplicate data for increased performance and reliability.

What material is used to make a drive belt?

what materials are used to make a drive belt

What are two different ways to make 10 duplicates of one floppy disk?

1. You can use WE to copy files on the floppy disk to a folder on the hard drive, then copy contents of the folder to the 10 disks. 2. Use a command prompt window, use the copy command to copy files on the floppy disk to a folder on the hard drive, then use the copy command to copy the contents of the folder to the 10 disks.

How do you change a internal hard drive to a external hard drive?

The easiest way to make an internal hard drive portable is to purchase what's called a hard drive enclosure. Hard drive enclosures are kits that have everything you need to make your own portable hard drive. Make sure you get a hard drive enclosure that matches the size and interface type as your hard drive, as well as the means of connectivity that you wish. As an example, you can have a 3.5" IDE hard drive enclosure that connects to your computer with a USB cable. Most computer stores have hard drive enclosure. The best place to get one is probably There are many of them available on eBay.

What does it mean when you try to format your hard drive but every time you try you get a 'Unable to Lock Harddrive' message?

It means that you are currently using a file or files on the hard drive you are trying to format. If you are trying to format your primary drive you will need to boot to a boot disk - not the C: drive. For most versions of windows you will will need to make the boot disk(s) (an option under My Computer) and boot to those disks rather than your hard drive.

How do you fix an Xbox 360 that can't read a disk?

If it can't read any disks your CD drive is broken; if it's only on some disks then your disk drive is very fragile. Make sure you are only putting in 360 games, DVDs and music CDs. If you have a hard drive original xbox games if its on one disk then the disk has a problem you can go to the xbox website to see if a disk has a known problem.

Does it make your computer faster to defrag it?

Yes.. it reduces the time taken by the Hard drive to search for a file . thus, improving performance.. when you delete files and copy/make new ones.. they may appear sorted ( as in folders and disk drives).. but inside the Hard drive they are not in the same place but scattered over the magnetic disks (platters). So when you open a program.. the hard disk has to look for the essential files all over the platters and hard disks have 1 - 3 platters.. so searching all of them is time taking after the Defrag all the files are organised and when u open the same program the hard drive has to look only in one location to get all the essential files..reducing access time.

Your windows xp does not recognize your maxtor hard drive?

Make certain that the jumpers are set properly, that the cables are connected properly (Data and Power) and that the BIOS can identify the drive. Understand that many of the OLDER motherboards have a BIOS that cannot properly deal with larger disks.

What can one do if the hard drive is clicking?

If a hard drive is clicking then a person should make a decision to try and back up or recover any files on the hard drive. Files on the hard drive can be recovered by using professional hard drive recovery systems.

How is a drive shaft made and what material is it make from and why?


Is it possible to make an infinite hard drive?


What does raid stand for?

"Redundant Array of Independent Disks"or you can also say"Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks"RAID means you have your computers Hard drives linked to work in sync with each other,this could be used to back up data instantly or used to make your Hard drives all work as one big storage device.If you had two 500GB drives and put them in RAID you could make them act as one 1TB drive,the data would be split between the two drives.Redunant Array of Independant Disks.

Can you attach a desktop CD-RW drive to a laptop?

Yes. You will need an external drive case for this. Basically its a small metal box (but make sure to get a 5.25" version for your drive) with an IDE interface for the drive and a USB interface for your laptop. Thereby converting your internal IDE CDRW into an external USB CDRW. They can also be used for hard disks.

What are basic and dynamic disks?

Basic disks and dynamic disksare two types of hard disk configurations in Windows. Most personal computers are configured as basic disks, which are the simplest to manage. Dynamic disks can make use of multiple hard disks within a computer to duplicate data for increased performance and reliability.A basic disk uses primary partitions, extended partitions, and logical drives to organize data. A formatted partition is also called a volume (the terms volume and partition are often used interchangeably). In this version of Windows, basic disks can have either four primary partitions or three primary and one extended partition. The extended partition can contain an unlimited number of logical drives. The partitions on a basic disk cannot share or split data with other partitions. Each partition on a basic disk is a separate entity on the disk.Dynamic disks can contain an unlimited number of dynamic volumes that function like the primary partitions used on basic disks. The main difference between basic disks and dynamic disks is that dynamic disks are able to split or share data among two or more dynamic hard disks on a computer. For example, a single dynamic volume may actually be made up of storage space on two separate hard disks. Also, dynamic disks can duplicate data among two or more hard disks to guard against the chance of a single disk failing. This capability requires more hard disks, but improves reliability.

How do you make your data hard drive the main drive instead of vista?

The main drive is the drive with your operating system on it.

What is hard drive cache,does it make your computer run faster?

The hard drive cache is used when accessing files on your hard drive and a larger cache does improve file operation speeds.

How do you fix PS3 hard drive?

You can not make any physical repairs to the hard drive. If it is the problem then it must be replaced. Do you know for sure the hard drive is bad? Have you tried these troubleshooting steps to make sure the hard drive is bad? Try restoring the file system. I will attempt to repair damage files on the hard drive/ Try another hard drive if you have access to one. Remove the hard drive and then re-insert. Try to restore the system. Go to Safe Mode and select "Restore PS3 System". This will restore the default settings and re-format the hard drive. If you have tried these and that has not help then you will need to replace the hard drive. Hope this helps