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The best product to keep your inground pool deck cool is kool-deck! It's fairly cheap, but you have to know what your doing to complete the process and make it turn out right. We have been building pools for 15 years and this is the only product we have used.. It comes in a wide variety of colors and typically drops the temp of your deck 10 degrees. When we add kool-deck to exsisting concrete we acid wash the deck, prime it and then throw down the kool-deck, wait for it to stiffen up.. Then come back with a Fresno and smooth down the high spots, but just barely, leaving a smooth surface and small lowspots all over which is what makes it so much cooler. If you need any more help feel free to give us a call. STANLEY AND SON POOLS 16188934676 THANKS AND GOOD LUCK...

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Q: What material provides the best pool deck surface for staying cool to the touch?
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