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Copy centers have precut puzzles that photos can be copied onto using a heating fusing process. This may also be able to be done at Walgreens. Heavy duty diecut patterns can be made also. A rubber stamp maker may be useful for this. They are expensive, but they last forever.

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Who created the jigsaw puzzle?

John Spilsbury was the creator of the jigsaw puzzle

Where can one purchase jigsaw puzzle games?

One can purchase jigsaw puzzle games online on websites, such as Puzzle Warehouse, Jigsaw Jungle and Amazon. Jigsaw puzzle games are good for logical thinking.

What is the twilight book with a jigsaw puzzle on the front?

There is no twilight book with a jigsaw puzzle on the front!

How do you translate 'jigsaw puzzle' into Afrikaans?

Jigsaw puzzle is Legkaart in afrikans.=)

What is a sentence for jigsaw?

The jigsaw puzzle was literally mind-boggling. The jigsaw puzzle had over 500 pieces.

What is the computer game that you have to drop different shapes to create a picture?

It's probably the Jigsaw Puzzle.

What are the pieces of the puzzle if earths surface was a jigsaw puzzle?

Tectonic plates would be the pieces if the earths surface was a jigsaw puzzle.

What year was the jigsaw puzzle invented?

John Spilsbury created the first jigsaw puzzle in 1767

How do you say jigsaw in French?

A jigsaw is "une scie sauteuse" (fem. - electric machine saw) or "un puzzle" (masc. - for a jigsaw puzzle)

Where was the first jigsaw puzzle made?

What is thefirst puzzle onjigsaw flashcom? Old keys. When was thefirst puzzlemade? by john spilsbury in 1766. How areJigsaw Puzzles made? Old traditional

This is a puzzle that can be solved if you have the right informatio?

A Jigsaw Puzzle?

Who created the jigsaw-puzzle?

John Spilsbury

How are the continents like a jigsaw puzzle?

they are like jigsaw puzzle because scientist don't know where places fit

What came first the jigsaw or the jigsaw puzzle?

The jigsaw- capable of cutting wood in very curly and scrolling lines. The puzzle was named for the look that the saw can produce.

How do you say hope you enjoy your jigsaw?

"Hope you enjoy your jigsaw puzzle."

Is there a picture of the jigsaw puzzle in the story The Jigsaw Puzzle by Judith Bauer Stamper?

No, there isn' only explains what it looks like.

What is a manipulative puzzzle?

A puzzle that you can move like jigsaw puzzle.

What materials can puzzles be made off?

It depends on what type of puzzle you are looking for. If you are looking for some common jigsaw puzzle, then card board is your solution. Otherwise there is plastic, rubber, and glass...

Is a jigsaw puzzle an example of open ended classroom material?

no. whats creative about that? now, MAKING a jigsaw puzzle... extra credit

What actors and actresses appeared in The Jigsaw Puzzle - 2000?

The cast of The Jigsaw Puzzle - 2000 includes: Carmen Gillespie as Samantha

Where can I have a photo made intoa jigsaw puzzle?

There are different sites where you can make a jigsaw puzzle from a photo; such as,, and also

What actors and actresses appeared in Jigsaw Puzzle - 2013?

The cast of Jigsaw Puzzle - 2013 includes: Nicole McKeever as Roommate 2

What is a sentence with the word jigsaw?

I seem to have lost the last few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. I will cut out a relief pattern with my jigsaw.

What jigsaw puzzle apps does apple have for the Iphone?

There is an app called Jigsaw Puzzle which is available in many different versions. It allows the functionality to upload personal photographs and use them as the template for a puzzle.

Who invented jigsaw puzzle?

John Spilsbury