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Q: What materials did paul klee use to make head of a man?
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What is Paul Klee's name?

Paul Klee's name was Paul Klee.

What Materials did Paul Klee use?

A big juicy dildo

What is paul klee's full name?

Paul Klee.

Was Paul Klee's brother a criminal?

Paul Klee had no brother.

What was Paul klee's full name?

Paul Demetry Klee

What did Paul Klee do?

Make fanciful paintings and drawings.

What technique did paul klee use to paint highways and byways?

The technique that Paul Klee used to make highroads and byroads is expressionism.

When was Paul Klee born?

Paul Klee was born on December 18, 1879.

How old was paul klee when he died?

Paul Klee died at the age of 60.

Why did Paul Klee's brother stab him?

Paul Klee had no brother.. Where does this rumor come from?

When did Paul Klee born?

Paul Klee was born December 18th, 1879.

Which brother stabbed Paul Klee?

Paul Klee had no brother. Who started this rumor?

What is Paul Klee's birthday?

Paul Klee was born on December 18, 1879.

What was Paul Klee's art movement?

Klee was a surrealist.

What is Paul Klee's sister's name?

Mathilde Klee.

What was Paul Klee sister name?

Mathilde Klee.

Where can you find pictures of Paul Klee?

go to image and write down photo of Paul Klee and push enter and there you will see a picture of Paul Klee

What was paul klee's parents name?

Hans and Ida Klee

Did Paul Klee have any parents?

mom Ida Klee

Was Klee's brother also an artist?

Paul Klee had no brother.

When was the head of a man by Paul Klee finished?

The one also called Senecio was painted in1922.

How many pictures did paul klee paint?

paul klee painted 304 painting i have 221 of them

What are some of the names of paul klee famous paintings?

what is the famous fish name from paul klee

What are 5 facts about Paul Klee?

Paul Klee got married with Lilly stumfhis name is pronounced paul kla

How did Paul Klee die?

Klee suffered from a wasting disease, scleroderma.