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Hm...while I'm not quite an expert, I do know that you need a lot of different types of pens to ink with(fine, bold, etc.) ; you also need a lot of screentone. Sometimes they have papers with the manga guidelines already on them, so that could be useful. You'll need lots of ink: black, white, and colored(for color pages, of course). A computer can also be very useful when it has the right programs installed in it, not to mention you can go on the internet for research. I also think it would be helpful if you carried a notebook or notepad around with you in case you came up with an idea or a quote or a plot or something...that's everything I can think of on the spot. I'll update if I think of more.

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Can anyone become a mangaka?

absolutely all you need to dois get your manga published and you ar a mangaka if you need to learn how to draw try this site

Do you need to go to college to a mangaka?

Although college looks good on any resume, there are no such requirements for a mangaka. Mangaka are more or less hired because of skill, rather than education.

How do you become a professional mangaka comic artist?

getting your manga published makes you a mangaka if you don't know who to draw try this site

What type of personality you need for an mangaka?

Well,, you need to be creative, determined and hard-working. not much to it really :)

What schooling do you need to become a mangaka?

Actually, there is no such schooling at all for being a mangaka! if you are aspiring to become a mangaka though, maybe you can try the following: * Alot of mangakas start out as doujinshi artists, publishing small peices of fan art in magazines. This may be noticed by a publisher, and the publisher may approach you to publish a manga of your own.( CLAMP started out this way before being recognised by Kodansha Publishers). * You may also start out as an apprentice of a mangaka for some time before you think it's OK to start publishing a manga of your own.(Arakawa Hiromu -the mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist- started as an apprentice herself). * You may also join a manga college for a few years for good exposure. * Ithink most mangakas have become who they are today by this way: just approaching a publisher and askig them if they can publish your manga!(But remember that this way may be a bit tougher than the rest as the publisher has to approve of your storyline before publishing). The main key to being a mangaka is just doing what you love the most- making manga!

How do you become a manga artist in America?

the same way you do in japan get your manga published and you become a mangaka if you dont know who to draw try this site

Can an American become a mangaka?

Yes. I don't know how they did it, but I don't that non-Japanese people such as Svetlana Chmakova are manga-kas.

Could you become a mangaka in the US?

Yes. Seven Seas and other companies will published Original English Language manga.

What materials do you need to become a manga ka?

Pencil. Paper. Hands. Done.

People under 18 can become a mangaka if they had some editing help and stuff?

I doubt it. The only way a person under 18 would be able to make a manga was if they were practicially rich and yes, they would need lots of editing help. Mangaka usually have to have a lot of supplies and tools. Under-18 people wouldn't be able to afford that, so yes/no maybe.

How much do you get for being a manga artist?

The payment you get depends on you. When you first start out there is a lot you need to pay. Materials, printing, publishing, assistants if needed etc. Most mangaka I know only make 円49,232+ (they are beginners). If you are able to become very popular you can get signed to a large publishing company. Most of which can pay you quite handsomely. (if your manga is popular) But the draw back is they tell you what to draw most of the time. (they'll "fix" things here and there.) You can read this forum to get a better idea:

What do mangakas do?

A mangaka just means and author of a manga, as a author would write and illustrate a book, a mangaka does the same to their manga.

Should you feel discouraged about becoming a manga-ka?

It honestly depends. If you've strived for being a mangaka all your life, you should check everything out first. Like wages as such. If you REALLY want to become a mangaka you should think of a story ASAP. If you've read/watched Bauman, you'll know that luck is a big part of becoming a mangaka. You never know, your manga may become one of the biggest. But, back to the point. It's 200% fine if you feel discouragred to be a mangaka. When I was younger and I found out how tough it was, it did put me off a bit. It's a tough life out there for mangaka's. Hope this helped.

Who is the best mangaka?

Masashi Kishimoto

What kind of supplies do you need in UCLA?

That depends on what courses you are taking. Obviously, someone who is vying to become a mathematician will need different materials than those aiming to become a professional musician.

What is masashi kishimotos carer called?


Who is the mangaka of fushigi yugi?

Yuu Watase

What are the only materials that can become magnetic?

Ferritic materials.

How can you become a mangaka?

Buy good materials for your manga, design your art room, conduct a good storyline and timeline for your manga, come up with some kick butt characters, make up their stories, then mix it all into one manga, and then try to get it published by Tokyopop or Seven Seas manga companies.

How much does a mangaka get paid?

Well it is diferent of every other mangaka, but Kishimoto Masashi get payed 100 Dollars pro one manga he created weekly...

How old do you have to be to be a mangaka?

Whenever you feel like it. But you'll need a lot of time, planning, and parental consent if you want to send anything to a publsiher.

Can a South African become a manga artist?

You can be whatever you want to be don't let people tell you that you cant be a mangaka there are people that are not Japanese who are mangaka for example Stan Lee the creator of Spiderman he made a manga with Hiroyuki Takei (the creator of Shaman King ) called ULTIMO

Do I need to complete safety training to become a nuclear technician?

Yes you will need to take a safety course to proceed or enter to become a nuclear technician because you will be working with a lot of dangerous and hazardous materials.

Would you have the materials you need to become an actress?

well it depends on what kind of movies you will make,but i would say yes.

Who wrote fushigi yugi?

Yuu Watase is the Mangaka