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Cotton, and hat insulators keep things warm!

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Which materials keep things warm?

Cotton keeps most things warm.yarn keeps things warm to

How do materials keep you warm?

The materials keep you warm by the fabric they are made out of!

What word means substances that keep warm things warm and cold things cold?

Things which keep warm things warm and cold things cold are referred to as insulators.

How do things stay warm?

Things stay warm by preventing the thing it's keeping warm from losing heat. Some things that keep things warm are wool, tin foil, wood, glass, plastic, and rubber. Things that keep other things warm or cool are called insulators.

What do you use thermoplastic for?

To insulate : To keep warm things warm and cold things cold

What substances or materials keep mammals warm?

Usually hair or fur keeps mammals warm.

How does clothing materials help with the way we live?

It helps keep warm.

Materials at home use chemical energy?

your heater to keep you warm

Things lit to keep warm?


Things that keep you warm?

a blanket and a toe

What materials keep things cold?

a freezer:)

Which materials will keep you warm?

Materials that can keep us warm are called insulators. Materials such as wool or kapok have been used for many years. A newer material used mainly for clothing is called Thinsulate. Any material that can block the flow of cold can keep us warm. In water, divers can wear wetsuits as an insulator and natives can use animal skins and fur.

What materials keep you warm?

There are many materials that will keep you warm. The best ones to use are natural fibers like wool, silk, down, and shearling along with some of the newer space age polymers created to retain warmth.

What are good materials to keep things cold?

a freezer

What kind of things keep us warm?

some things that keep us warm are stuff like sweaters, coats, blankets, jackets and other things. If you had any common sense you would know this.

What clothes did the Aztecs were?

they wore things to keep themselves warm

What do you need to keep things warm?

it depends if you want to keep a liquid warm or a solid. in order to keep things warm it (anything) you will need a proper insulator. for liquid this would mean keeping it in a small compact container and letting next to no air get to it. or you can use a flask.. :D

Do birds keep warm in nest?

Yes, also some line the nest with things such as string, wrappers, cloth and more to help keep it warm.

Do humans do the same things as dolphins to keep warm?

not always but sometimes we do

What are 2 things that use the sun?

To keep us warm and to get a tan

What materials was the stone age peoples clothes?

They used the skin from animals for clothes,also to keep warm.

What materials keep ice cubes from melting for the longest time?

Cold materials such as a frezer and other cold things

Do you have any good way to keep warm in winter?

yes. I usually wear a long sleeve short under, and a big warm jacket on top. Other things that could keep you warm= ugs/boots , gloves, beanie/ hat, and lots of other things!

What are the ways that fats are used in living things?

it keep s them warm at night

Can you keep an armadillo lizard in a warm humid climate?

Yes it can if it had the esential things

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