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Blaise Pascal is often credited with invented the first calculator type machine around 1641. For more info see the following website: Although a slide rule which is a more primative type of calculating machine was invented by a guy named W. Oughtred in 1632.

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What mathematician made the first calculator and where was the first calculator made?

Blaise Pascal

What is the name of first PC?

1623: German Mathematician Wilhelm Schickard developed the first mechanical calculator

The name of the inventor who invent pascaline?

French Physicist, Mathematician and Philosopher Blaise Pascal invented the first mechanical calculator.

When was the first graphic calculator invented?

abacus Casio made the first graphing calculator in 1985.

When was the first calculator made?

China ___________________

What is the first electric calculator?

The Sumlock ANITA calculator was the first all electronic calculator made in 1961 by the Bell Punch Co. in Britain.

What did Leonardo da Vinci do as a mathematician?

he discovered geometry and constructed a calculator

Where was the first calculator made?

ig china

Who was the calculator made for?

made for everyone and first it was made for math teachers and sciences

When was the first mechanical calculator made?

i wouldn't know

When was the first hand held calculator made?


When was the first elictronic calculator made?

October 1961

Did Sumerian's first invent the calculator?

no The first calculator goes back to north Africa in the form of the Abacus and it was a counting frame. many variations followed. the one the modern versions are more varied upon is from Blaise Pascal, a French philosopher and mathematician born in 1623.

When did the computer was first made?

That was a computer called ENIAC,but first machine was a calculator.

How much did the first calculator cost?

The first calculator ever made cost about $2500, compared to the $12 it costs now. i hope this helps you!

What country did calculators get invented?

The first calculator was made in Hawaii

Who was the first Mathematician to introduced the zero into the decimal system?

The first mathematician is Arya bhatt.

What year was the first pocket calculator made?

I saw the first modern electronic pocket calculator in 1967 when I was attending engineering school at the University of California in Berkeley. It was made by Hewlett-Packard.

Who made the calculator?

Blaise Pascal is often credited with invented the first calculator type machine around 1641

How did george boole contribute to the field of math?

George Boole was a mathematician, logician, and philosopher. He is credited with being the founder of digital electronics which led to the development of the first calculator.

Who was the first famous female mathematician?

Hypatia of Alexandria was the first female mathematician, so I guess she was the first to be famous.

Who made the first heliocentric model of the solar system?

The first model was presented by Renaissance mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

What year was the calculator invented?

The first mechanical calculator was invented in 1623. In 1961, the fist electronic desktop calculators were made.

When was the first ever calculator made?

The first electronic calculator made was the Bell Punch ANITA MK7 made in England in 1961 and unique in the world untill 1964 when the US, Japan and Italy launched their own electronic calculators.

First mechanical computer?

Made by Charles Babbage and evloved into a calculator