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What matriel is Spider-Mans suit made out of?

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What is spidermans name?

Peter Parker

What is spidermans real name?

Peter Parker

How is Spider-Man a example of archetype?

What is spidermans acrhetype

What is spidermans new movie?

It's the amazing spiderman... a reboot

What is spidermans black costum called?

it is called the symbiote spiderman

What is spidermans nationality?

The three of Wolverine , Spiderman and hulk are Canadians

What is spidermans catch phrase?

It's your friendly neibhorhood spiderman

What has been the main cause of death from the Chernobyl explosion?

The radioactive matriel reseased in the atmostphere

When two substances react to from a new matriel with different properties a change has occurred?


Is iron mans suit made of copper?

Ironman's suit is not made of copper.

What is spider man's suit made out of?

spider man's suit is made out of a leather jacket

What matriel is need to built space shuttle?

thermal insulation materials that were used on the space shuttle

Who is the guy who shows up after the credits in amazing spider man?

spidermans dad

What is the calvin klein suit made of?

The Calvin Klein Black Pinstripe Wool Suit is made of wool.

What is master chiefs suit made of?

his suit is made of one ton of titanium and other hard minerals

What is a suit made out of?


Who made the first fireproof suit?

DuPont made the first fireproof suit in 1960 and it was available on the market in 1967.

What is the difference between tailor-made and customize?

Tailor-maid is usually a suit that the tailor takes your measurements and makes a suit especially made for you and your own body, from scratch. Costumize is when you take an already made suit and you make some adjustnments to suit you.

Who is spidermans Girlfriend?

Gwen stacy was his first girlfriend and Mary Jane became it after gwen diseasted

Who invented or made the space suit?

The inventor of the space suit was Zachery Hansen.

who made iron man suit?

Was It mostly Jarvis or Tony? I think Tony what about you. (maybe it was a potato)

Where was the space suit made?


What does a space suit look like?

a space suit is made up of metal and is shiny........!....!!

What is big bird's suit made of I've been wondering this for a while and i want to make a replica suit of him.?

It's made of feathers.