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What matters in how fast a dog is?

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Physically, the speed of a dog varies depending on the overall build such as: 1. The deepness and narrowness of the chest (stamina) 2. The muscularity of the legs and neck (snapping and running ability) 3. Stocky or slimness (drag) 4. Angles of legs and hocks (running ability) 5. Height of hocks (running ability) 6. Size and proportion (speed and running ability) 7. Length of the legs (running ability and speed) 8. Flexibility (running ability) and more. Observe the lithe bodies of sighthounds, the fastest breeds.

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It matters who the trainer is and what breed. also dogs of different ages mostly learn at the same rate. Like humans.

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It matters how hard you hit him, how old, and how big the dog is.

How fast can a prairie dog run?


How fast is the walking speed of a dog?

Depends on how fast the dog is walking/ running.greyhounds run pretty fast but a walking dog could go about 5 km in an hour

How fast can dogs run in the woods?

How fast a dog can run would depend on the breed of the dog.

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Yes. chocolate is poisonous to dogs. It matters how much a dog eats and what size the dog is.

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as fast as a pip

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It matters how big the dog is.

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A zephyr is a wind. A greyhound is a fast-running dog. A greyhound zephyr is maybe a wind that moves as fast as a fast-running dog.

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How fast can a dog run?

A dog can run up to 245 mph, that's about as fast as you would go on a speedway.

How fast a American bull dog run?

fast. 30mph

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No you have to bring you dog to the doctor fast

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How fast is a 1 year old Swiss mountain dog?

how fast is a 1 year old swiss mountain dog

What is the fast breed of dog?

Greyhounds are very fast. They are used for racing.

How fast can a rottweiler dog run?

Fast. They comin to kill u.

How fast can a Catahoula dog run?

up to the middle fast