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If a proton is moving through space without any change in its velocity, then its electric and magnetic fields are not interacting with any other electromagnetic fields. There are no other fields present, and about the only place where a proton can move without interference is deep space. There will still be some electromagnetic radiation, even there. And this will have an effect on the protons's fields. There may also be another charged particle or two about as well. In reality, there is no place that is completely free of electromagnetic fields. But if there were, it would be a perfect vacuum with no light or any other electromagnetic radiation moving through it.

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Q: What may be said about the electric and magnetic fields of a proton moving through space if it does so without any change in its velocity?
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Can an electric field exist without a magnetic field?

An electric field can exist without a magnetic field, provided it is not changing in time.

Does a stationary charge produce a magnetic field?

Stationary charge don't produce a magnetic field. because it has no velocity in it, without flow of electron we can't find electricity and for that we have no magnetic field for a stationary charge. It produce only electric field.

How do electromagnetic waves travel through space that contains no matter?

As the name suggests, electromagnetic waves are not matter waves, rather, they propagate through changes in the electric and magnetic fields in space. An electric or magnetic field can penetrate empty space without any problem.

An electric field cannot exist unless a magnetic field is also present?

An electric field can exist even without the presence of a magnetic field. An example of this is a stationary electric field.

How can a magnetic field be produced without using a magnet?

An electric current flowing in a wire produces a magnetic field.

How the behavior of electric charges similar to that of magnetic poles?

Like poles repel; opposite poles attract. They are similar to electric charges, for they can both attract and repel without touching. ... Electric charges produce electrical forces and regions called magnetic poles produce magnetic forces.

What is the best way to describe induction?

a) The production of an electric or magnetic state by the proximity (without contact) of an electrified or magnetized body. b) The production of an electric current in a conductor by a change of magnetic field.

Can we make magnet without using magnetic material?

Yes. Electromagnets don't require a magnetic material; they just require a conductor and an electric current.

Why dont light waves need a meduim to travel through?

For the same reason that charges can attract or repel each other through nothing, magnets can attract or repel each other through nothing, (and masses can attract each other gravitationally through nothing). Electric and magnetic 'fields' can be felt at a distance without anything to help spread their influence. Light and all other electromagnetic waves are the result of electric and magnetic fields in space.

What force can move objects without touching it?

Gravity, magnetic forces, and electric forces. Hope this helped.

What is the difference between vector and scalor quantity?

Vectors include information about their direction, and are incomplete without it. Examples are displacement, velocity, acceleration, momentum, magnetic field. (Velocity is speed with direction.) Scalars are complete without stating any direction. Examples are temperature, cost, mass, speed. (Speed is velocity without direction.)

What is the difference between an electric guitar and a acoustic guitar?

An electric guitar uses magnetic pickups under the strings to amplify the vibrations of the strings and deliver the sound through an electronic amplifier. An acoustic guitar uses a hollow body chamber under the strings to resonate the sound without the use of magnetic pickups or an external amplifier.

Can you get a magnetic field without a magnet?

If you are referring to a magnet as an object that possesses a permanent magnetic field, then yes. There are three circumstances where magnetic fields exist, but not as a result of a permanent magnet. 1. Electric current causes a magnetic field. Thus, any wire carrying a current or even a current without a wire (like a lightning bolt) will be surrounded by a magnetic field. Since electric current is made up of moving electric charges, it is actually true than any moving electric charge creates a magnetic field. 2. It is difficult to observe outside of a scientific laboratory, but when there is an electric field that is varying in time, that creates a magnetic field. Though not easy to demonstrate directly, this turns out the physical phenomena the allows the creation of elecrtromagnetic waves, e.g. like the light we see with our eyes. 3. Thirdly, one can cause materials that are not able to work as permanent magnets to act as temporary magnets. This is the basis for electromagnets. A steel or iron core with an electric current running through a coil surrounding the core will produce a magnetic field. If you simply cut off the power source, the electric current will no longer flow through the coil. No electric current, no magnetic field. When a non-permanent magnet is created, the magnetic field it produces is just the same as the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, until the source is removed and the field disappears. All of these matters together are an essential part of the basics of electromagnetism which describes how and why the phenomena work.

How can a change in voltage in a coil of wire be transferred to a neighboring coil of wire without physical contact?

When electric current flows through a coil of wire it generates a magnetic field. Variable current generates variable magnetic field. When a second coil is placed in a variable magnetic field of the first one an electric current is generated in it. Magnetic nature of the connection between two coils can be proved by the fact that it takes place only when the second coil is aligned with the magnetic field of the first one. Magnetic field of a coil can be traced with a compass.

How does the behavior of electric charges similar to that of magnet poles?

Like poles repel; opposite poles attract. They are similar to electric charges, for they can both attract and repel without touching. ... Electric charges produce electrical forces and regions called magnetic poles produce magnetic forces.

What is electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves are transverse (unpolarized or polarized) or circularly polarized waves that have some electrical properties and some magnetic properties. An electromagnetic wave consists of changing electric and magnetic fields. The repeated cyclic transfer of energy from the electric field (weakening it) to the magnetic field (strengthening it) until the electric field is gone, then from the magnetic field (weakening it) to the electric field (strengthening it) until the magnetic field is gone every cycle is the process by which electromagnetic waves propagate without requiring a medium (and is described in Maxwell's Equations).

Will a magnet conduct electricity?

A magnet will conduct electricity without a problem. This is why magnetic fields are able to produce an electric current.

What can you conclude about the orientation of the beam relative to the magnetic field when a beam of electrons passes through a magnetic field without being deflected?

That the beam of electrons were parallel with that of the magnetic field lines.

How do you make a 'toy car' that can move far without pushing it or using electric things?

you use magnetic force

How EM wave propagated?

According to Maxwell's Equations electromagnetic waves are able to propagate without the need for any medium: moving electric charges induce a moving magnetic field, a moving magnetic field induces moving electric charges, ad infinitum...

Why is copper used for electric wires?

beucase copper allows the electric current to flow through it without losing to much energy.

What percentage of the world use magnetism?

How? Compasses? Electric motors?Breathing? ... Yeah, without our magnetic field the Earth would lack air or water.

How can a wave carry energy without moving matter?

By creating a magnetic wave, which creates an electric wave, which creates a magnetic wave, which creates an electric wave, which creates a magnetic wave, which creates an electric wave, which creates a magnetic wave, which creates an electric wave, which creates a magnetic wave, which creates an electric wave. It may be better to consider that a wave 'IS' rather than 'carries' energy, as a fluctuation which has an action on matter with which it couples (i.e. atomic scattering). A wave may also be considered to be made up of photons, and photons made up of 'spin' or fluctuations we call waves. Duality has been recently re-confirmed, but understanding is very poor as current theory does not allow any 'medium' which can then fluctuate.

How do you find a final velocity without distance but given time?

Without distance, you have to know time, initial velocity, and acceleration, in order to find final velocity.

Would you still have light if you did not have magnetism?

No. Light is an electromagnetic wave. There can't be one without the other. Electric fields and magnetic fields are part of the same thing.