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What does the 0 mean in 011?

It could mean anything without the proper context. It could be the first character in a three-character model number.

What are the three identical factors for 45?

45 does not have 3 identical factors: unless you mean 1*1*1.

Are Daniel and Henrik Sedin mirror image twins?

If you mean identical, then yes. The Sedins are identical twins (Henrik was born first).

Is triplets a noun?

Yes, it is a plural noun, with several meanings. It can mean three identical babies.

What three character traits that medusa had?

Dangerous, hateful and mean

What does three dimensional character mean in hamlet?

In any play, not just Hamlet, a three-dimensional character is one who appears lifelike, one which has what is called verisimilitude, similarity to life. A two-dimensional character is one which is flat, broadly drawn, stereotypical. A three-dimensional character is not a type he/she appears to be an individual.

What are the first three worlds of the constitution?

first.. I think you mean "words" "We The People" are the first three words

What is the first three religions?

The first three religions in monotheistic if that is what you mean is Judaism Islam Christianity

What does identical consecutive mean?


What is character value mean?

What does character value mean?

What is the answer for mean for 12 12 12 12 12?

The mean of a collection of identical numbers is always the identical number itself; in this instance, 12.

Who was the very first Batman?

Bruce Wayne is the first Batman Depends on how you mean the question? as in acting wise? or character wise?

What does 'first narrative' mean?

First person narrative means that the story is told by a character in the story. (i.e., I, me)

How is mean character?

mean character means being rude to others.

What do the wavy lines in math mean?

One wavy line (~) represents similarity. Two wavy lines (≈) means "approximately." THree wavy lines (≋) would most likely mean approximately identical to.

What does the word identical mean?

Identical means exactly the same:ʌɪˈdɛntɪk(ə)l/adjectiveadjective: identical1. similar in every detail; exactly alike.

What does corresponding mean?

identical in all essentials or respects

Are two sets of scores with the same mean identical?

No. For example, {2, 3, 4} and {1, 3, 5} both hve a mean of 3, yet are not identical.

Is mean a character trait?

Yes, mean is one of many character traits.

What does character dialog mean?

a conversation of a character

How many significant digits are in this number 000909?

Three. The first three zeros don't mean anything.

Can you make a character in xbox Kinect?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean your profile character, then yes.

Who is the dynamic character of Shrek?

Shrek as he changes within the story. He's mean at first. Then he marries a Princess.

What does equal groups mean in math?

to be identical or equal too

What do you mean by is identical in value?

It means they come out to the same number.