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What meaning is a gift of orchid flower?


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it is said that that flower is a sign of peace and gratitude

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Florapedia has this... the meanings of orchids include love, beauty, luxury, and strength.

orchid is a plant and a flower it is both.

The meaning of the flower orchid varies, but it generally symbolizes: love, beauty, and refinement.

Vanilla flower as such is actually an orchid. Vanilla pods and vanilla essence come from the orchid plant. So its an orchid flower. Not a vanilla flower. :)

You don't transplant a gift Orchid into another pot the pot and compost it is in is sufficient to grow and flower it for a year. Simply keep the compost moist and mist the leaves.

An orchid is a FLOWER. It has no predators.

Tattoos are personal expressions of body art modification. The meaning of an image is defined by the individual. The Orchid flower tattoo could symbolize a special event in the life of the individual.

Then the orchid flower will have a yellow stem.

fragant flower or gift from God

The origin in Persian and means Fragrant Flower or Gift from God

An orchid is neither a fruit or vegetable, it is a flower.

Orchid means Orchid in English. It is a variety of tropical flower. The spanish name is Orquidia

1981The National flower of Singapore is Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'Vanda's are a type of orchid.

there is not a national flower in Kenya but the most popular flower is the orchid

The state flower of Queensland is the Cooktown Orchid.

The Tropicbird Orchid is the national flower of Seychelles.

the orchid mantis is often pink the flower mantis may also be pink. orchid mantis flower mantis

Xylobium a type of Orchid.xarthiopedia which is a flower in china

The national flower of Venezuela is the orchid (Cattleya mossiae).

Vanda Miss Joaquim- the variety of orchid that is Singapore's national flower.

Yes, they are a variety of orchid. They are also the Minnesota state flower.

The sundew plant is a carnivorous perennial plant. The flowers of the sundew plant are much like the orchid flower in shape and in color, however they are much smaller.

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