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The letters on the periodic table represent the name of the elements. They are called the element's "symbols." They are usually related to the English names, but some, like lead, are related to their Latin names.


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The letters "J" and "Q" do not appear in the Periodic Table .

The letters in the periodic table stand for the symbols of the elements.

on the periodic table,what element is represented by the letters ''cu''

The letters on the periodic table are the chemical symbols of the chemical elements.

The elemental quantities contained in a substance. Go to the periodic table of elements for the meaning of the "letters".

In the periodic table, the letter S in science means sulfur.

the answer is syroms, syroms are the pair of letters that stand for an element in a periodic table of square.

There are many names that you could spell using the periodic table. It just have t match the letters in the periodic table,like how you have to match letters in scrabble.

the modern periodic table is arranged with a lot of numbers and letters.

All symbols in the periodic table begin with UPPER CASE letters. K in the periodic table represents the element POTASSIUM.

J and Q are not on the periodic table.

yes, families and groups the same meaning in the periodic table.

the vertical columns in the periodic table are called groups

The meaning is that chemical properties are periodically repeated in the table.

Ca stands for calcium on the periodic table for the first 2 letters of calcium.

There is 102 elements with two letters.

What do you mean exactly? cause the elements on the periodic table are the letters like the H and O are Hydrogen and Oxygen.

because the periodic table it basically the table of element meaning where all elements are named

Well the Periodic table is not an Alphabet chart that needs to inculde all the letters. Elements in the Periodic table get their names from Greek language and so do their symbols and IUPAC is incharge of that.

A lot of elements have two letters. You can refer to the periodic table.

Letters represent name of the element. They are the chemical symbols of the element.

To organize all the elements.

Check a periodic table. Its the letter/letters right above the element name. Google images one

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