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What means IRS?

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it is the internal revenue services

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What does the IRS code 152 mean?

IRS code 152 means that you had filed an accurate return. It means your refund is in the process of being fulfilled.

What is a cp-05 letter from the IRS?

Receiving a CP-05 letter from the IRS means they are reviewing your tax return. It typically means there is a delay.

What does IRS reference number 105 means?


What is reference number 1242 mean with the IRS?

With the IRS, the reference number 1242 means that the IRS put a freeze on your account. This typically occurs when they are waiting for additional information from you.

What does IRS tax code 826 mean?

IRS tax code 826 means that IRS tax refund will be offset to another year. This happens when there are back taxes owed.

What is code 1242 mean when IRS sends you notice?

A code 1242 is a common code for an IRS error. This code means that the IRS froze your account while they are waiting for additional information.

Do you have to pay IRS debt if you file Bankrupcy?

Yes. in fact it means the IRS can't negotiate a lower amount or payment plan with you

What does IRS reference number 1301 mean?

It means you're screwed. You won't be getting your money anytime soon and nobody at the IRS can tell you when or why?

What is IRS letter CP05?

The IRS letter CP05 simply means that the IRS has decided to review a tax payer's return to ensure that the income and the tax credit claimed it correct. Someone is advised to review the notice with the tax preparer meanwhile.

What does the levy means?

The IRS can put a levy on your bank accounts if you owe them money and have not paid them. It means they can take your money, whether you want them to or not.

What does IRS reference number 9001?

generic code means accepted but not proceesed into system yet.

What does the term irs lien mean?

An IRS tax lien means the IRS is placing a lien against your hours or other personal property. This is usually due to you owing the IRS an amount of money. If you cannot pay it within a certain amount of time, they could put a lien on your property, seize it, and sell it in order to make the money they are owed.

What is the difference between the IRS 1040 and IRS 1040A an 1040EZ?

what is the difference between the IRS 1040 and the IRS 1040EZ forms?

When was IRS established in?

when was the IRS established?

An IRS summons is issued by who?

The IRS.

An IRS summons is served by who?

The IRS.

What does state to succeeded agency mean?

Succeeded agency means the agency(IRS) has received and accepted the return.You can get refund information about your federal refund through the IRS secure web site Where's My Refund? - but wait at least 72 hours form the time the IRS accepts your return. Before that, the web site may say it has no record of your return, which usually means the information's just not there yet.

IRS. what does i. stands for.?

I Stand With Always IRS

What does the IRS reference number really mean?

The IRS reference number means that they are source codes when people get certain errors after filing tax returns. Some of the IRS reference numbers are 1541 refund froze, 1301 return was filed late, and 8001 computer failed to authenticate information.

What is the most helpful IRS publication?


What is a tax deficiency?

Tax deficiency is defined in section 6211(a) of the IRS Code. Tax deficiency occurs when the correct amount of income tax owed is more than the amount shown on the taxpayer's return. This means that the taxpayer still owes tax to the IRS and might be assessed interest and/or penalties. If the taxpayer disagrees with the IRS, the taxpayer should provide the IRS with documented proof to support this.

Is the IRS government a legit branch?

No, the IRS government is not a legit branch. The IRS works for a branch of the government but it does not have its own branch. The IRS works for the executive branch.

Need to refile income tax even if there is no change in tax liability?

Yes. If ou have filed a return that is not accurate you need to file an amended return that is as accurate as possible with the IRS. Even if this means no change in liability. If your return is inaccurate the IRS will audit your return. Keeping the IRS out of your business is a vry good thing.

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What is IRS?

IRS, in the USA, is internal revenue service.

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