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The first thing I would do is to see if I had a bee keeper living in the area and ask him for suggestions or if he would help you, check with your town hardware store, "not Lowes or Home Depot" or a nursery that sells flowers or trees, I do not know if you are in a warm or cold climate. Without removing the queen bee it will be a slow process, 1st you could block the hole at night fall or when the bees become less active. 2nd you could spray a wasp or hornet killer on or around the hole, honey bees do not fly at night, start with 2 cans of hornet spray,I do not like to kill honey bees they are our friends,try to make sure there is only one way into the wall check the attic for holes. 3nd you could cut the wall out to gain access the hive, however that could create another problem, once the hive is exposed that's why it would be nice too have a beekeepers knowledge with you when you cut the wall out to remove the hive you should have a bees smoker to slow the bees down so the bee keeper can remove the hive.

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Q: What means do you use to get rid of honeybees inside the wall of a house?
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