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What medication gets rid of a runny nose?


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August 17, 2012 5:11PM

It can depend on the cause of the runny nose. If it is due to allergy, then the best choice is an anti-histamine (OTC) and perhaps steroids or steroid nose spray (prescription). There are many OTC products for control of allergy symptoms, such as runny nose and itchy eyes. Consult the pharmacist at your pharmacy to suggest the best products for your symptoms.

If it is due to the common cold, then usually time is what it takes to get rid of the runny nose through the action of your own immune system. Sometimes antihistamines and/or steroid spray can be helpful. Look in the cold and flu remedy aisle at the pharmacy or consult the pharmacist for recommendations.

Runny noses are the body's way to wash away irritants and infectious agents from the nasal passages and sinuses, sometimes a saline nasal spray will help the body do that cleansing. This is also available OTC. Netti pots (one brand of kits for nasal irrigation) can also be used for this purpose and often come with packets of medicine to use in the irrigation solution that are helpful to control runny noses.

Noses can also run just because you are outside in cold weather. This is a reaction of the mucous tissue to the cold and warming up will help.

If the runny nose is not producing a thin clear liquid, but is colored or thick, then you may have a bacterial infection that needs physician exam and prescription medication such as antibiotics and/or a steroid preparation as an anti-inflammatory agent.