What melt faster water coke or sprite?


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Coke and Sprite have higher melting points than water.

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it will melt faster in coke because that is why it taste flat at some points when you leave it out

Seeing as coke is a darker beverage it would attract more light making it warmer which will make the ice melt faster. This is assuming that both drinks were at the same initial temperature.

Personal observation lemonade will melt faster because of very few ingredients in it than sprite .

Sprite. Bubbles allowing the heat to conduct with the solution more vigoresly.

Bubbles from coke should melt ice faster if the water and tea are the same starting temperature. The tea would melt the ice quicker if it were a fresh cup of tea served hot.

Ice doesn't melt faster in water than tea or coke. It melts faster in tea. Believe me I'm a scientist.I am Dr. Sarah Smith. You need to look it up.

it depends on how much there is but milk will melt faster because coke has more chemicals

Well it is sprite cause it is more bubbly but pepsi tastes much better.

Tea if it's hot. They melt at the same pace.

Pepsi does not always melt ice faster than coke.It depends on many things...First, Pepsi and Coke may have different ingredients based on your location.Next, you must monitor the temperature of the Pepsi and Coke before you add the ice.If you control for these variables, then the cola with the higher osmolarity (dissolved molecule concentration) will melt ice faster.

out of Coke water juice and water what would melt the ice faster.butter, it is less than a solid, ice is more of a solid and has more valence electrons, so is takes longer to melt.

coke has salt in it therfore it slows down the melting prosses.

Drinks are liquid and cannot melt. Perhaps you mean the ice cubes ?

Salt water will melt an ice cube faster.

water does not melt but ICE does....

It has a lower melting point than water.

if it is hot water it tends to melt faster but if it is cold water it wont melt quickly

Water has a higher temperature in ice causing it to melt faster.

An ice cube will melt faster in hot water.

This experiment you will have to do yourself. Here is what you need to do: Get a can of coke and sprite and leave them to get to exactly the same temperature. Allow a couple of hours. (sit them side by side on the bench) Pour them into identical glasses Get some ice cubes of the same size and dimensions and place them at the same time into each glass. (remember place the same number of ice cubes into each glass i think 3 would be a good number) Leave the glasses with the coke and sprite side by side without touching on the bench. The glasses should be separated by at least 15 cm so that they don't cool each other down. Observe the result. Please let me know how it goes if you do this answer: i got the answer, it is, that sprite would melt faster. at first, i thought that it was coca cola.

ice will definitely melt faster in warm lemon juice since the warmth of the liquid breaks down the molecules in the ice.

Yes. This is because it is acidic and therefore breaks down the hydrogen bonds faster. (Although it is sticky!)

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