Snow and Ice

What melts faster cold ice cubes or hot ice cubes?


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The colder ice cubes would take longer to melt than the hot ice cubes...

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Ice cubes will melt faster in hot water, as the heat transfer is higher from hot water to an ice cube in comparison with cold water. You can try it!

yes salt or hot water melts ice because i tryed it myself

because ice is made by freezing water but hot water is the opposite that is why it melts fast

Salt dissolves in hot water faster than cold water because the hot water melts the salt with its high temperature.

Dry ice is cold, so it melts faster in higher temperatures.

chocolate melts faster in hot water because in hot water molecules move more rapidly

The rate of melting is determined by the heat differential between the ice and the surrounding water. Ice melts faster in hot water. Ice melts even faster if the water is moving.

No, ice cubes melt the fastest in hot water.

It depends if its hot water but it will still melt faster in cold water tha the air.

I never heard of crushed water. Crushed ice (which sugar cubes don't dissolve in at all), but not crushed water. Let's see here: sugar dissolves faster in hot water than cold. And crushed sugar cubes, because the sugar has more surface area, dissolve faster than cold ones.

Hot Ice Melts and Cold Water Freezes

Ice cubes melt faster in hot water. Hot water has more heat energy to overcome the forces of attraction between water molecules in ice. Go look up the kinetic particle theory.

cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

hot because you pronounce it faster!

ice melts faster in hot water because the hot water is transfering the separate particles in hot

No, it won't. It takes more energy for the freezer to reduce the temperature of the hot water to the freezing point - than it does with cold water.

Why milk dissolve faster in hot water than cold water

It doesn't shrink, it melts. But when it is too hot, and no cold comes back. It melts.. just like ice.

chocolate melts faster in hot water because in hot water the molecules move more rapidly.

salt dissolve quicker in hot water because it practicaly melts the salt there fore making it quicker to dissolve.

When it is hot snow melts.

Snow is not hot. It only is in cold areas. Other than that it melts.

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