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heat, the more heat, the faster ice melts.

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Q: What melts ice faster?
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Which ice cream melts faster?

Dairy ice cream melts faster than sorbet ice cream.

Which melts faster water or ice?

ANSWER: Ice melts faster because water doesn't melt.

Which melts faster ice or lead?

Under a flame, lead melts faster than ice.

What melts faster ice or chocolate?

well, all I know is that ice melts faster than chocolate

Which will melt faster ice or ice cream?

Ice melts faster as ice cream is much more dense than ice so it melts slowerIce melts faster because there is less coldness around it. With icecream it's different.

Which melts faster ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream melts faster than frozen yogurt.

Which ice cream will melt faster?

which ice cream melts faster

How do ice melt faster?

it melts faster with salt

Which melts faster an ice cube or a scoop of ice cream?

an ice cube because it only 1 and a scoop it a cup which melts faster ice cube or ice cream?????

Why does ice melt faster in water and not in sprite?

Ice melts faster in water

What melts faster a popsicle or ice cream?

Between a Popsicle and ice cream, the ice cream melts faster. This is because it is less dense and the air can get into it easier.

Which one melts faster ice or ice cream?

ice cream

Does salt melt ice cubes faster?

yes salt melts ice faster.

Which salt melts ice faster?

rock salt melts ice faster because every winter my mom puts rock salt on ice and it melts within 2 seconds so i think rock salt melts the fastest

What melts faster ice with salt on it or ice with sugar on it in the refrigerator?

ice with salt!!

What melts faster vanilla ice cream or ice pops?

ice pops

Does a ice cube melt faster in coffee or hot chocolate?

ice melts faster in coffee

Does ice melt faster in water or by blow dryer?

Ice melts faster by a blow dryer

What melts ice faster rock salt or table salt?

Well table salt melts it faster but they are about the same

Does colored ice melt faster then clear ice?

No it melts slower

Does crushed or cubed ice melt faster?

Crushed ice melt faster because the smaller it is the it melts.

When salt is added to ice will the ice melt faster or slower?

Ice melts slower

Does an ice cube melt faster in hot or cold water or by itself?

The rate of melting is determined by the heat differential between the ice and the surrounding water. Ice melts faster in hot water. Ice melts even faster if the water is moving.

Which flavor of ice cream melts faster?


Which melts ice faster sugar or salt?