Snow and Ice

What melts ice faster salt or hydrogen peroxide?


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Salt, and its a lot cheaper too.

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Well table salt melts it faster but they are about the same

rock salt melts ice faster because every winter my mom puts rock salt on ice and it melts within 2 seconds so i think rock salt melts the fastest

it melts faster with salt

 You actually saved me with this question. I needed the answer for a homework. I found out it was hydrogen peroxide.hydrogen peroxide can be used as a toothpaste if mixed correctly with baking soda or salt(not cooking salt)

yes salt melts ice faster.

When sugar is in water, it dissolves faster than salt does. I do not know the scientific reason why, but sugar melts faster.

i think kosher salt will melt the ice faster

table salt melts ice faster than halite well i did my science fair and i had gotten that halite melts faster then tabl salt.

The crystals of salt provides nucleation centers where bubbles of oxygen form and this accelerates the rate of decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.The salt does not participate in any chemical reaction (not even as a catalyst).The water in the hydrogen peroxide dissolves some of the salt crystals, reducing the number of of nucleation centers (gradually slowing the rate of decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen back to its normal rate).

I think it melts the salt does the power!!

Before I did an experiment on which salt melts ice the fastest and my results showed that sea salt melts ice the fastest. Rock Salt is cheaper to use though.


An ice cube melts faster in salt water.

Only the granulation of the salt has some influence.

Salt melts ice cubes faster than sugar as it lowers the freezing point of water. That is also why we sprinkle salt on sidewalks and roads during Snowy Winters.

sugar melts ice the fastest. i did a science experiment and my question was does salt sugar or pepper melt ice faster and my answer was sugar try it

salt melts ice because it wants it to die

with salt - it lowers the freezing point

salt because its structure is weaker than sugar tehe :)

I suppose that Epsom salt is more efficient.

Lice that has spread to the pubis area.Treat with Hydrogen Peroxide and salt by putting the salt on your pubis hairs.then add the Hydrogen Peroxide.

Sand melts ice faster because it has salt and the salt makes it melt alot faster than clay.

it lowers ice's melting temperature

I think it is garlic salt, because garlic salt has other thing in it, not just salt.

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