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youth is short, only three days worth( exaggeration) and old age starts early and lasts a life time. Enjoy your days as if they are your last; with respect for yourself first and respect, tolerance and love for others; especially for the elders, after all they've made it and you still haven't. Learn how they did it.

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Explain the message does the author wish to convey to the youth of today?

Explain the message that the author wishes to convey to youth today.. This phrase is asking for the moral of the story. It is asking for the general idea of the story or the overall picture.

What message does the author wish to convey to the youth of today?

the author wants to tell the youth that writing is not a joke and people should choose writing their profession only if they are not afraid of criticism

What message does this poem convey?

Q1- What message does this poem convey?

What is the sentence for convey?

I'll convey your message to your friend.

What message that an author is trying to convey to the reader when it write a book about payback time?

God bless you today! :)

What message does the nicene creed hold for today's youth?

Haha as a youth of today it really depends what they believe. Stay the path essentially.

What message did the author convey in the house of the scorpion?

The message the author tried to convey was to learn that even a clone can be sensible to the relationships he or she has.

Look at this painting done during World War 2. What is its primary purpose?

to convey a religious message

What steps can be taken to ensure you convey the purpose of your message to the audience?

Be confident and specific. Also, make sure to emphasize the point of the message you are trying to convey.

How do you convey message to MLA in Karaikudi Tamilnadu?


Did Picasso convey a message through art?

no loser

What message did allama iqbal convey from his poems?

no comments.

What is the job of hazrat jibrail?

To convey the message of Allah.

What is the general message the author is trying to convey?

Of what book?

What are the advantages of television on the youth today?

What are the advantages of television on the youth today?"

What is a good sentence for the word convey?

The irrigation pipes convey water to the farms below.

What message would you like to deliver to the youth of today in regard to the issue of War and Peace?

Life has a flavor, the protected will never know.

What message does the author convey in breaking dawn?

The message of breaking dawn is pro-life abortion.

What message does the poemMuch Ado about Nothing trying to convey to the audience?

Much Ado About Nothing is a play, not a poem. It also is not a sermon, and so is not intended to convey a message, only to entertain.

What was the message that Frank Sinatra wanted to convey in his music?

There is no one theme or recurring message in all of his music. He recorded over 1,200 songs! One would have to listen to songs individually to determine what message he was trying to convey for that song.

What Positive effects of mass communication?

it helps to convey message

Can a still life painting convey a moralizing message?


The major idea or message an author tries to convey?


What message do both Emerson and Thoreau convey?

Trust yourself.

How can a dumb man convey a message to a blind man?


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