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All of them, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on their position in the "Electromotive Series of Metals," also known as the "Galvanic Series of Metals." This is a list of metals in order from most to least reactive in sea water. If there are two metals near each other in salt water, the one which is the more reacive (a.k.a. "least noble") will corrode, thus protecting the other metal. This is why ships often put chunks of zinc (called "zinc lozenges") near the propeller---without the zinc, the steel hull would corrode very quickly as it is more reactive than the bronze propeller. The zinc is more reactive than steel even, so it will do all the corroding and the hull is protected. Of course you have to replace your zinc lozenges periodically, as they will corrode away to nothingness eventually. Here is a simple one: From Most Noble (Protected Metals) to Least Noble (Corroded Metals): Mercury Vanadium Gold Silver Monel Nickel Passivated Stainless Steel (rare type) Copper Brass Tin Lead Active Stainless Steel (most common type) Cast Iron Steel Aluminum Zinc Magnesium You see that zinc is quite low on the list, and will corrode first and thus protect everything above it. Stainless steel is higher than ordinary steel---it stays stainless by forcing everything below it (like ordinary steel) to do the corroding. However, if you put stainless steel alongside nickel in salt water, the stainless will do the corroding and the nickel will be protected. Fancier lists include more metals and alloys of different metals. Some links to corrosion and the electromotive series of metals:

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Q: What metal corrodes with salt water?
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What metal corrodes the slowest in salt water?

The noble metals such as gold, silver, or platinum (etc.) do not readily corrode in salt water

What effect does salt water have on glass and plastic?

salt corrodes glass

How does cast iron react to salt water?

It corrodes badly.

Why does iron corrode quicker in salt water instead of fresh water?

it is because iron reacts with salt,which corrodes afterwards

What corrodes metals an acid or a base?

Acid corrodes metal.

What metal corrodes with water?

The most common example is iron, with the presence of oxygen.

Why do sailor pants button on instead of zip?

Because salt water corrodes the zipper.

Does water rust metal faster than salt water?

no water does not salt water desloves metal faster because of the salt

What corrodes metal?

Corrosion of metal is caused by oxygen or oxidising substances, salty water and some medium strong acids

When metal corrodes the metal atoms lose what?


What happens to an metal that is left exposed to the environment and combines chemically with a nonmetal?

it corrodes

Word equations for metal reactions?

metal + acid -> salt + water metal + oxygen -> metal oxide metal oxide + acid -> salt + water metal + water -> metal hydroxide + hydrogen Metal + Steam -> Metal Oxide + Hydrogen Metal + Acid -> Metal salt + Hydrogen

Does the air in Salt Lake City have salt in it?

Not really. Unlike places that are near the ocean, Salt Lake City's air doesn't contain the salt that corrodes metal. This is because the air is so dry that the water from the Great Salt Lake doesn't really evaporate into the air and hover there like it does in coastal cities.

How does a salt water system work?

the low levels of salt in the water pass through a bunch of platelets that are electrically charged. the reaction of electricity passing through salt water is chlorine. not very indepth but that's the jist of it. it has been in use for years in australlia. however, they don't' have ladders in their pools. the salt water corrodes metal rapidly. ask your supplier about an electromagnetic disc for your skimmer basket to prevent this.

Does metal rust quicker in salt water or fresh water?

Salt water.

What happens to metal or iron in salt water?

The salt helps in the corrosion of the metal.

What metal corrodes easily to form rusty oxide?

This metal is iron.

What happens to the atoms of a metal when the metal corrodes?

The atom loses electrons

How does metal rust in water?

You must add salt in water because water molecules are closely bonded then salt helps in breaking water molecules and after adding salt water is able to penetrate inside the metal then the metal rust.

Which metal is kept under water?

I dont think there is a metal stored under water because they react with water and instead are stored in kerosene or oil. Water often corrodes the metal producing rust so i cant think of any metal that would be stored under water.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ocean energy?

Advantages:FreeRenewableNon-polluting - doesn't add to global warmingNever-endingDisadvantages:Difficult to get a good workable technologyMetal equipment corrodes in the salt water

What gas is produced when acid corrodes metal?


Does metal rust faster in salt water or fresh water?

It will rust faster in salt water.

Is sea water metal?

no, sea water is a mix of H2O, sand, salt and others. H2O (water) isn't a metal and salt isn't either

What is a metal that reacts to salt water but does not react to fresh water?

Magnesium. I believe Magnesium does not react to fresh water but salt water is very corrosive and will disolve the metal.