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The Alkali metals melt in water so: Rubidium is one example of a metal that melts in water.

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Extreme heat melts metal.

Woods Metal. It melts in boiling water or at 158 degrees. It will quickly harden at room temperature.

gallium is the metal that melts even when kept on the palm....................................................

Mercury melts at - 38.86C

Depends on the metal no metal does not burn it melts if u see a picture of metal burning it is impurities in the metal but after it melts i dont know what happens next

Automatic sprinklers often have a fusible (it melts) trigger made of Wood's metal. The metal is an alloy made of bismuth, lead, tin, and cadmium and melts around 160 F. The trigger holds the water valve closed and once it melts, the valve opens to release the water.

No. The same would be when water melts or freezes. It is still water.

It depends on which metal you are talking about.

Copper melts the fastest because of how it is used

fire melts steel and other types of metal

Silver is a metal. Even when it melts it is still a metal.

losium.It is a play metal.

aluminum melts ice the fastest.

It forms a liquid! Gallium the metal that melts in your hand!

The metal Cesium melts at 28.44 degrees Celsius, while gallium has a melting point of 29.77 degrees Celsius. No element melts at exactly 29 degrees Celsius.

Water liquid melts faster because denisty of juice is more compared to water. Hence the Water liquid melts sooner.

It melts metal together so they will be combined.

"Gallium. The Metal That Melts in Your Hand!" It will.

The metal that melts in your hand!!

A fuse has a metal strip that melts and opens a circuit if the current becomes too great.

When ice melts it becomes WATER!

ANSWER: Ice melts faster because water doesn't melt.

Ice melts in water because the ice is below freezing and the water is above freezing (warmer than the ice) so slowly the ice melts in the water, but still cools it down a little. when it melts the water frozen in the ice form is added to the amount of water it was put in.

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