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Beryllium is the only alkaline metal that reacts to oxygen but not to water. The hydrogen in water stabilizes the reaction.

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What metal reacts with oxygen but does not react with water?

For example uranium react with oxygen but not with water.

What type of Substance is formed when a metal reacts with an oxygen?

Any metal that reacts with oxygen will produce a metal oxide. For example, magnesium reacts with oxygen to produce magnesium oxide, and zinc reacts with oxygen to produce zinc oxide. It is helpful to know the general word equation: metal + oxygen -> metal oxide

What cause a nail to rust in water?

The oxygen in the water reacts with the metal in the nail - forming metal oxide (rust)

What happens when iron reacts with oxygen and water?

When iron reacts with oxygen and water, the chemical reaction that forms is known as rust. This is considered to be corrosive for most metal elements.

Is to rust in water a physical property?

its a chemical property the metal reacts with the oxygen

What is the metal which reacts oxygen to form magnesium oxide?

Magnesium is the metal which reacts with oxygen to form magnesium oxide.

How does the chemical change has take place?

it takes place two elements in matter reacts for example a metal when a metal was drop into the water it will rust thats because oxygen from the water reacts with the components of the metal

What metal reacts with a metal or a non-metal to form an oxide?

oxides are formed when a element reacts with Oxygen

Why is the metal easier get rust when it is near in the seashore?

because its near water the metal reacts with oxygen in h2o so it oxidizes faster

Does iron reacts with water?

No but rather it reacts with oxygen which is dissolved in water.

How does base form?

A base is formed from a metal reacting with oxygen to form a metal oxide. Then it reacts with water to form a base that will disociate in water to produce hydroxide ions.

How do protactinium reacts?

Protactinium is a reactive metal; protactinium react with water vapours, acids, oxygen, halogens,etc.

When a metal oxide reacts with an acid?

When a metal oxide reacts with an acid a slat and water are formed.

Metal that reacts with oxygen without burning?

Metal reacting with oxygen is known as oxidation. A common form of this process is found in the rusting of iron, where the iron reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide (known as rust).

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