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"... respectful affection for a fallen monument..."

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Q: What metaphor is used to describe Miss Emily in the first paragraph of A Rose for Emily?
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What does the narrator refer to miss Emily as in the first paragraph of A Rose for Emily?

A fallen monument.

What does the metaphor in the first paragraph reveal about men's dreams?

it says their dreams don't usualy come true

What metaphor does romeo use to describe Juliet on the balcony when he first sees her?

she is as bright as the sun

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To develop a paragraph using description, the writer should first state what that paragraph is going to describe. Then, each sentence should build upon the others.

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First Brigade led by Percy to help defeat the British

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How would you describe the narrator of A rose for Emily?

The narrator is speaking in first person plural, as a common-man in the town :)

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The first sentence in a paragraph helps to specify the topic on which the paragraph is written.

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