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Probably just a kid trying to steal his first car. There is no way to start a car just by cutting wires and sticking them into the ignition, also the ignition has a fairly strong locking mechanism in it, so a small file would be useless for trying to break the lock in the ignition cylinder. The most common ways of stealing a car would be either using a dent puller or similar tool to extract the ignition itself, or cracking the steering wheel lock and hot-wiring it, or on some vehicles it is as easy as breaking off the plastic around the steering column and gaining access to the (rack and pinion) or other control arm and forcefully operating it. If you have problems in your neighbourhood with theives I would suggest installing a car alarm, or moving. The bottom line: If a thief wants your vehicle bad enough, they are going to get it.

Answerthe file and wire werent ment to simply break the lock mechinism on the ignition he was going to pick the lock but the file broke in side but i don't think that he would have got that far with just a file and a wire with out a lock pick kit it is near impossible.

To whom it may concern: I use to be a professional car thief, it all depends on the make of the car. If it was a car with a steering tilt and the column was already busted then the thief most likely used his finger or screw driver to engage the ignition switch pin that is located on the left side of the steering column right behind the blinker switch which would take only 5 seconds to do, on the other hand if it was a Chrysler with a glow ring around the ignition a simple spoon or butter nife would do it 2 seconds is all that it takes and that's probably how the thief did it. In all in all it takes a professional thief 5 to 10 seconds and your car would be his. alarms don't always work a thief can bypass those , invest in a steering column lock & a club.

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Q: What method did a car thief use to start a car if the steering column was busted off the file broken off in key slot and one wire stuck in key slot and the other just hanging?
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