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What might Japan want to trade with Russia?


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Finished manufactured goods in exchange for oil or another natural resource. As an aside, Japan has higher labor costs than many of it's neighbors.



the Japanese have recovered nicely since WWII from a comparative and many times absolute advantage in the production of goods in general. The reason for this is because relative to others countries such as the U.S.A, they have one variable cost that is far below other countries..............labor cost. Their citizens make pennies on the dollar for producing the same goods anyone else can. Therefore it's cheaper for this country to manufacture ANY goods and export them.


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Japan didn't want to trade with the U.S Because they didn't want it to change there culture. They didn't want the US to come in and change everything

Control of these two straights would give them access to the Mediterranean sea. (for trade)

Russia is famous for big lands. When Japan started to become westernatized, the Russian felt that japan was their competition. Therefore, it motivated RUssia to control Asia.

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Foreign countries wanted to trade with Japan because the Japanies had valuable resources such as silk.

Beacause a earth quik happend in japan and tsunami .......

because japan dint want to trade

we wered to china and they were used to us and japan had strict tarrifs and didnt want to trade with us

The US wanted to trade with Japan to improve their economy and sell more products. This is a two way street which benefits both countries.

Japan closed there doors to European trade because they did not want there society, economy, culture, and beliefs to be affect by the foriegn visitors

Germany did NOT want to go to war with the US. But Germany DID want to go to war with the Soviet Union (RUSSIA), and did. The best way to defeat an enemy is to have him fighting on two sides (two fronts). Germany was already fighting Russia (Soviet Union) on the western side (western front), and needed to have Russia (Soviet Union) fighting on an Eastern side (eastern front). Japan had a reputation for fighting Russia, once in 1904-1905 (Russo-Japanese War-Japan won), and again in 1939 at NOMANHAN (Japan lost) located near Siberia. With that kind of record, Germany felt Japan might help Germany fight the Russians (again)...if Germany helped out Japan fight the United States, then Japan might return the favor. Three days after Pearl Harbor, on 11 December 1941, Germany declared on the United States. What Germany didn't know, was Japan was real tired of fighting Russia!

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People might not trade with other people because maybe someone is offering 1k for a olden penny and you want 2k.That trade is unsucessful

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Japan Did surrender to the USA, and President Harry Truman, after two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, (and after Russia declared war on Japan). Japan did not want to surrender, because their samurai code said it was better to die instead of to surrender. It was after they were bombed with nuclear weapons (and after Russia attacked the Japanese forces in Manchuria), that Japan finally decided to surrender.

Warm water seaports. Russia wanted ice-free seaports for it's growing navy, that particular region of Asia had those ports. Japan didn't want Russia so close to Japan, and they considered Korea to be a "dagger" pointed at Japan (if Russia controlled it). Korea was in the areas considered to be ice free.

Japan did not want to open to the West, but US Commodore Matthew C Perry forcibly opened the nation to Western trade in 1854.

Japan and Russia went to war in 1904-1905. Although victorious, Japan was deeply in debt, and the war had been a big drain on Japan's manpower and industrial systems (warships, ordinance, weapons, etc.). Japan and Russia (Soviet Union) fought again in 1939 at Nomonhan (Eastern Soviet Union). Japan took a severe beating during that military campaign; but it was also a wake up call to improve Japanese Armor (tanks), tactics, and infantry weapons. Although Japan had interests in Russia, as they did with China (which borders Russia), those two above mentioned wars convinced Japan that they did NOT want to fight Russia again, UNLESS THEY HAD TOO! Man takes the path of least resistance; and as long as there were easier "pickings", Japan would take those paths.

President Roosevelt decided to place an embargo on Japan for the sale of weapons and oil after Japan's attack on Manchuria.

Because they held religious beliefs that prohibited contact with foreigners

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Russia. United States didn't want to see " Red Communist Asia" Korea-Japan included.

i want to get the admission in russia online how can i?

you must put them in your inventory, then click on the person you want to trade with, click trade, then drag from inventory what you want to give. Then you click agree ONLY WHEN the other player puts in their pet. If you don't wait, there is a chance they might scam you!

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