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It could be your fuseable like if... If you have lost all power and your battery is fine you can try two things: one you can turn the ignition switch and them your transmission to neutral possition and try starting it then. if this works nothing is wrong with your transmission just a chip or wiering in it the cuts power to start. the other thing is to shake the cable that runs from the battery to the starter that might work. If you hear a click and hum, but no turning of the engine, then that's the starter. Knock on it lightly with a wrench (look for two large can-like things mounted next to each other under the Jeep, just in front of the passenger set.) This will work for now, but it should be replaced.

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Q: What might be the problem if your 1993 Jeep Cherokee won't start?
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remove transmission, usually dont come loose, might be a different problem

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Yes they should interchange without a problem.

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This might help you a little bit,I have a 96 Cherokee that dose that, took it to shop still having problem your flywheel may be the problem you starter maybe in a dead spot on your flywheel(Missing a tooth)

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I had the same problem with my 1997 Grand Cherokee and it was the dash mounted automatic light switch. The problem was also solved by turning the headlamps on manually.

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The starter or battery could be weak. The weakness will cause the starter to turn too slowly to start the truck.

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the answer is here I had the same problem.

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usually the factory alarm

Will a 1993 Cherokee motor work in a 1991 Cherokee?


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yes blocks are the same but components might be different ,but will work

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I have one of these change fuel filter

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