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Motor support porbably bad.

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Q: What might be the problem in a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am if it makes a kind of vibrating noise when in reverse but only when you hit the accelerator?
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Car can not reverse but can accelerator?

It is probly your transmission.

02 Pontiac Montana stalls when put in drive Also in 2ND Runs fine in reverse and low?

I have same problem.

What is the purpose of accelerator in car-?

The accelerator in a car is meant to make the car move forward or backward depending on if the car is in drive or reverse.

How do you change a accelerator cable on a 95 lumina van?

The accelerator cable is connected with a swivel nut on each end of the cable. Loosen the swivel nut, by turning it to the left. The accelerator cable will come off. Reverse the process to install the new accelerator cable.

In a 1984 Club Car cart move the forward reverse lever and sparks fly put in forward and the cart moves a little with foot off accelerator. Same with reverse. Is this a motor or a solenoid problem?

It's probably not a motor problem. What led up to the problem? Did it just appear or did someone work on the electrics and then the problem cropped up? Where do the sparks fly from? It may be a solenoid problem, but the symptoms reveal little.

What would cause a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire not to shift into reverse?

the only problem that you can repair yourself would be with the linkage. but if all other gears work except reverse then the problem is probably internal and should be inspected by a professional. it makes a big difference if the trans. is manual or automatic also.

Is there a way to copy saved deck recipes from Yugioh Stardust accelerator to Reverse of Arcadia?

Not within the game.

How do you change accelerator cable on 1985 corvette?

The 1985 Chevrolet Corvette accelerator cable is held in place with a swivel nut on each end of the cable. Turn the swivel nuts to the left to remove the cable. Reverse the process to install the new accelerator cable.

Change reverse lights on Pontiac Sunfire?

To change the reverse lights on a Pontiac Sunfire you need to locate it on the left side of the transaxle. Then, unplug the electric connector and remove the switch along with the socket.

What is problem when car won't go into reverse?

Bad reverse clutch in the tranny

How do you fix the reverse lights on a 1999 Hyundai Accent when all other lights and fuses work but when you shift it in reverse you get no reverse lights?

The problem is the reverse light switch. It is located on the top of the transmission that should sloved your problem.

Why would a car rattle when in the reverse gear?

Because of the induction accelerator. Make sure the spacing mounts are completely sealed. Ask the repair guy if there is spacing mount replacement valves since they connect to the accelerator under the transmission.

Why does an auto vehicle run perfectly when its driven but stalls in reverse and drive at take off?

More to the QuestionJust a bit more information to my question above. The car was only working on two cylinders or pistons. That has been repaired and the car now works good.When I put the car into drive or reverse I have to keep my foot on the accelerator and on the brake. Once the car has taken of and I get to an intersection its fine there is no problem its just after the car is switched on and the initial take of be it in reverse or in drive that's the problem. Can anyone shed some light on it please?

What is wrong if your 94 Pontiac Bonneville goes into all gears and will drive forward but not reverse and it sounds like it is engaging but won't move?

If your Pontiac runs a 700r4 gm transmission you have stripped a reverse input shell. The transmission needs to come out for repair.

Why doesn't your car reverse?

Transmission problem.

What is the reverse problem in a 2005 Honda rincon?

In reverse the Rincon will pin out at 7mph. To fix this you need to install a reverse override kit.

My 91 Honda accord has a problem engaging in to reverse what would cause this problem after I changed 1 of the rotors it would reverse with no problem but after a few weeks it started with the same?

It's probably your transmission.

What is the torque setting for the head bolts on a 94 Pontiac Sunbird?

number 8 reverse torque

Why does a 1994 Pontiac trans sport not go into reverse?

If an automatic transmission ,broken bands in the tranny.

What is the problem with an 89 Pontiac Grand Prix LE 5 speed manual transmission that is difficult to shift Have to jam it in reverse so it wont grind and force it into 1st Clutch works ok though?

clutch is worn out

Your Pontiac sunfire wont shift into reverse when the car is started?

If your car won't shift into reverse, try changing the transmission fluid and filter. Sometimes that will solve the problem. If that doesn't help, there could be a problem with the linkage or the shifter cable. Or, if the car is an automatic, make sure you're stepping on the brake pedal before you try to shift out of park. You may need to have a mechanic inspect the transmission.

How to diagnos transmission problem volvo v70 xc?

I have a reverse slippage problem. How do I fix it

What will make your truck not go in reverse?

a transmission problem

What does it mean when your car wont drive in reverse?

A car that won't move when in reverse could indicate a problem with the transmission. It could also indicate a problem in the gear selector.

What is the problem when the car will not go in reverse or go in drive the transmission fluid is still full?

what is the problem when the car will not go in drive or reverse? and the transmission fluid is still full