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50-150 dollars based on the rifle having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining.These crackshot rifles were made between the years 1913-1941.

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Q: What might be the value of a Stevens Crackshot 26patent April 22 1913 with a?
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What is the value of a crackshot 16?

Depending on the date of manufacture, in excellent condition with no rust, no pitting, a bright bore, and original stock, maybe you could get $200 from a collector. If it is in fair condition (which most rifles 60 to 90 year old rifles are in) you might be able to talk someone at a gun show into giving you over $50.Go to and check out how much similar rifles are selling for. Try typing in "stevens crackshot". I tried just a few minutes ago and no model 16s were for sale.

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What model is serial number 0203 Stevens 22 pump?

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Blue Book of Gun Values might help

Where can you get parts for a 20 gauge Stevens Model 98K single shot shotgun?

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Where can I find out more about a J Stevens a and t favorite model 22 long rifle?

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What is age of Riverside Arms double barrel stamped 49915?

The Riverside trade name was used by J. Stevens from 1915-mid 1940's. You MIGHT be able to get a precise date by contacting the Stevens historian. should have his contact information.

Where do you get a release button for a model 9478 savage Stevens single barrel?

You might contact the company at or Numrich at

What is the value of a Stevens savage model 416 22 cal target rifle?

Stevens Arms was an American firearms manufacturer founded by Joshua Stevens in 1864 and then bought by Savage Arms in 1920 but still retained the Stevens brand on a number of its low cost rifles and shotguns. The most common and notable of these is the Stevens Model 416 .22 caliber bolt action rifle that carries the long rifle round. A large number of these were supplied to the U.S. military as training rifles. Because these were very common and cheap to manufacture, they might not fetch a valuable price in a collector's point of view.

What year was a Stevens model 35 offhand pistol made serial number 35540?

The stevens Model 35 offhand shotgun(even though it is listed as a pistol) was made during the years 1923-1935 in .410 gauge.I do not have a model production breakdown by years with serial numbers though.Maybe savage/stevens might have more info at the savage arms web site?It would be worth a try.

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