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Please get your dog into the vets immediately. This is no time for guessing games. There are several reasons for this, and it may be something very easy to clear up, but if you leave it, it will end up in a large vet bill, not to mention the possibility of the cost of your dogs life. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What might be wrong with a dog with shivers temperature no puking fine bowels who is eating and is lethargic?
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How do you know your cows are sick?

A sick cow will have a high temperature and she will also be off her food, not eating. She will not produce as much milk as she should be and will generally look lethargic

Why is your cat acting lethargic and not eating?

Sick or possibly going to die

Why do I suffer from constipation after I have had anorexia?

The lack of eating can harm and effect the functions of the stomach, intestines, and bowels.

How can you use the word bloated in a sentence?

After eating a huge, four course meal, i felt lethargic and bloated.

How can you tell if a baby mouse is sick?

Well you can usually tell by the colour of their bodies and if their lazy/lethargic, or not eating well.

What does constepated mean?

Constipation means the inability to eliminate solid wastes from the bowels. Minor constipation can be resolved by eating more fiber in the diet. It can become severe and lead to an impacted bowels , which is a serious medical emergency.

Can you eat dried basil leaves?

As far as your bowels don't complaint, you can chew and munch on them as you like :) Happy eating!

How does a dog get the shivers?

Dogs get the shivers by a couple of things that include: coming from a freezing cold environment into a warm environment immediately, another way is if your dog is eating any toxic things like for example the waste of an other animal or possibly itself, if your dog is aged it might have the shivers by being close to death, if your dog has an injury at any part of the body then you should get it checked out because it just might be in pain which causes the shivers. There are plenty of other reasons that dogs can have the shivers so I would go to the vet and have them check your dog if it is still having shivers after 2 or more days. Some dogs end up having to just get a needle, and then they will be fine. If your dog still has the shivers after getting a needle then there might be something seriously wrong with your dog.

Does a dog get lethargic and have loss of appetite after eating rat poison or chocolate?

Yes... to both questions. Take it to a vet... right away!!!

What is to eat seven dates daily?

Dates are the fruit from a Date Palm tree. Eating dates will keep the bowels moving.

Is it true that technological development makes one lethargic?

I don't know if I would say technological advances make one lethargic, but I think that cooking meals and cleaning up afterwards burns more calories than eating at drivethru places.

Dog isn't eating or drinking or using bathroom and is very lethargic?

Take your dog to a Vet ASAP, this is a sign of dehydration, do not wait any longer.

Does eating spicy food raise your body temperature?

Yes eating spicy food can slighly raise your physical body temperature

What medicines good 4 parasite?

It depends on your parasite's symptoms. If he's eating, lethargic, it depends. *Go to your local Pharmacy, they can advise you of your options.

My dog vomited a lot of times white and frothy and now two days later is still lethargic and not eating should I worry?

Take him to the vet ASAP

How can you tell if your rat is dying?

One way you may be able to tell if they are dying is if they are not eating like they usually do. They also will be very lethargic and not doing much of anything.

What can you do to have baby before due date?

Try reflexology,eating pineapples, primrose oil capsules, going for long walks, and curries to get the bowels moving.

What do you eat to keep your bowels regular when your anorexic?

For all people, eating foods high in natural fibers help to keep bowel movements regular.

Does eating spicy food increase temperature?


What is a good temperature for eating hamburgers?

69 degrees...

What to do to a premature puupy if it doesnt want to eat?

Try a different brand of dog food or see a vet, it might have been eating something that obstructs its stomach/bowels, or it could be ill

Can a dogs nose be cold but the dog sick?

A dog's nose is not the best indicator for determining whether it is unwell; instead, go by your dog's behavior or, if you know how to check it, the dog's anal temperature. If a dog is acting lethargic, not eating or drinking normally, or giving any other symptom that it doesn't feel well, it should be taken to a veterinarian for an evaluation. The same applies if you believe that your dog may have a temperature. The vet will be able to determine what is wrong with your dog.

Is it normal not to poop for 2 days?

It depends !... If you've not eaten anything for a long time (more than 24 hours) - your bowels will be empty, as there's nothing solid gone through the digestive system for it to expel. However - if you've been eating 'normally' - then you should move your bowels at least four times a day. I suggest you see a doctor !

What happens if the gecko is to cold?

When geckos or any animal that relies on outside sources of heat gets too cold, they'll become lethargic, and stop eating. if it stays too cold, they could die.

How long does it take a stick insect to shed its skin?

It usually takes just a couple of days for the insect to shed its skin. It will begin acting lethargic and not eating a few days before it sheds the skin.