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What might be wrong with your dog if he is coughing up blood?

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Does the dog eat alot of bones? If so then he probably has a torn stomach/ throat.

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What is wrong with your dog if he is pee out blood?

the dog might have a infection

Whats wrong with a dog who is thirsty coughing and lethargic?

He could be having an allergic reaction to something.

What should I do if my dog is coughing up blood after having a seizure?

Take it to the vets. Quickly.

What does it mean when dog keeps coughing?

its ill? or it might of eaten something that its trying to cough up.

Your dog vomited Saturday and noticed there were little pieces of blood what can this be?

Are you sure you dog didnt chew on something red to make it look like blodd? It also depends what color the blood was dark or bright. Dark blood is old and probably means a internal bleed. Bright blood might just mean they burst a capillary while coughing,vomiting etc

What should you do if your dog is coughing up blood?

Please take your dog to the vet. I won't pretend to know the answer to that question, but with something like that I wouldn't trust anyone but an expert.

Why is your dog spiting and coughing?

Hmmm......Maybe because your dog is sick.

Can giving worm medicine hurt a dog if the dog does not have worms?

No, nothing will happen to your dog its might vomit but there is nothing wrong,

My dog has a virus what can i do?

Bring the dog to the vet to see what is wrong. Your dog might have eaten something that have caused this. But consult with your vet!

Can squirrels eat dog food?

I think it is yes but it might be wrong.

Why is some dog pooh green?

they might of ate something wrong

Dog pooing blood?

If it is a female it might be having its period.

Reasons for Dog death after vomiting blood?

well ur dog probaly had tuberloscuis or a brojen blood vessle orlarnex could of been wrong sry to hear ur dog died :(

How do you know if a dog ate glass?

The dog would be coughing alot and be very restless.

Why doesin't my dog love me?

Maybe they sense that something is wrong when a dog sees you are afraid of them they know not to be afraid of you but if something is wrong they might want to give you some space.

Do you still feed your dog if it is coughing?

yes! of course!... he or she will still eat but you must feed it! if its a really bad cough then you might want to take it to a vet. :)

Why does your dog keep licking your other dogs but?

there might be something wrong with your other dog. Dogs can sense things we cannot.

What is wrong with my dog if he has blood in his vomit and loss of appetite?

you must take your dog to the vet' sounds like it has been poisioned by someone

What is wrong with a dog that has blood in its poop?

Changing to a new dog food can cause this, or the pet swallowed a foreign object, need to know if the blood is red? How much blood and is it gel like? to determine area of bleeding.

What is wrong with your dog if his legs are buckling and he is crying in pain and won't do normal activities?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there can be many variables. If your dog has severe arthritis, your dog might be callapsing in pain, thus the crying. Your dog could also be losing red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. This weakens bones, and the dog will collapse more frequently as he gets weaker. Take your dog to the vet immediately to get a possible blood transfusion. For any cause, take your pet to the closest veterinary clinic IMMEDIATELY.

What can I give my dog for chronic coughing?

Nothing - a chronic cough tends to be noninfectious. However, if the coughing is relatively new, is getting worse or the dog is starting to cough and then swallow something, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian for an examination. Causes of chronic coughing can include cancer (particularly in older dogs), chronic infection, sterile bronchitis and anatomic malformations.

Is there a dog breed for every letter of the alphabet?

maybe...from what i know no but i might be wrong <3

How can you treat a dog for congestion?

Best to take your dog to the vet, if you dog is coughing it can indicate some heart trouble, so you don't want to give anything for congestion until you know what is wrong, giving something a vet does not know about, may make matters worse.

What should you do if your dog is hurt and I do not knowwhat is wrong?

If the dog is badly hurt it will do things that it wouldn't normally do. Like if something was wrong with its leg, it might limp if it hurts or rarely run. Take it to the vet as soon as possible! Who knows how much it might hurt?

What is the name of the cartoon where a dog and a master get into an accident and receive the wrong blood so the dog becomes human and the master becomes a dog probably early seventies?

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