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clogged fuel OR air filter,vacuum leak,probably to the distributor,clogged muffler or resonator if you've already checked the catalytic converter.Is it automatic???

would have to agree with that most likely clogged fuel filter

Change your fuel filter because your filter is all clogged up.

Does it do this after running for a while? I had a similar problem which was down to overheating (which in turn was due to a loose head). Theory goes that the fuel in the carbourettor was evaporating due to the high heat - after letting the engine cool for half an hour it started again. May or may not be the cause but HTH

Fuel pressure regulator may be bad, also check the spark plug gap.

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Q: What might cause a '92 Toyota Corolla to die when you give it gas but idle fine?
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Why are 92 Toyota corolla tail lights out but dash light work fuse is fine?

If your 92 Toyota Corolla taillights are out, but the dash light and fuse work fine, the bulbs could have burn out. Replace bulbs on each side.

What would cause backup lights in 1999 Toyota Corolla to not work when the bulbs and fuses are fine?

It could be caused by a bad ground or severed wire somewhere.

Where can i fine the diagram for the vacuume lines in a 1983 Toyota Corolla?

You can find the vacuum line diagram for the 1983 Toyota Corolla in most Chilton's manuals for that model and year of vehicle. You can also find this diagram at many auto repair shops or libraries.

Which battery charger should you use for Toyota corolla 1999?

Any 12 volt battery charger will work just fine.

Can 1998 corolla tires fit on a 1998 Honda Civic?

Yes the Toyota corolla up till 2003 have a 4X100 lug pattern same as the Honda civics so it will fit fine

How can you fix your tail lights on your 1990 Toyota corolla i have no dash or tail lights my head lights work fine and the fuse is good?

you pooh on it you pooh on it

How do you fine the oil filler in a 2009 corolla and get a tool to take it off?

how do i fine the oil filler in a 2009 corolla and get a tool to take it off

How do you reset alarm on Toyota Corolla 1999?

First remove battery cable. Second install your key and turn it to on. Third reinstall battery and all should be fine.

What does it mean if your headlights went out on a 1998 Toyota corolla?

I would check the fuses. if all fuses look okay then check the wiring. if the wiring looks fine i would recommend taking it to a shop.

Your 1997 Toyota corolla turns over seems like no gas but has plenty the battery is fine?

did you check the gas-line emergency switch, i know my old Taurus needed to have it reset once

You have a 1993 Toyota Corolla and you cannot get the key in the ignition It has been working just fine?

We have 3 Toyotas and the keys have bent on 2 of them. Just make a new key if you don't have one already and everything should work just fine again. It did for us.

When do you change timing chain on 2001 Toyota Corolla?

It is my understanding that all corollas up to 2003 have a timing chain not a timing belt. So really if the car is running fine don't worry about it. It's really when they have a timing belt that they recommend replacing it every 35000 to 50000 miles. Don't quote on this, I own a 2003 Toyota corolla and that's the information the dealer gave me.

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