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What might cause a 1997 Honda Civic to give a pinging steel clicking sound coming from the underside rear when you first start out?


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2006-07-08 12:13:00
2006-07-08 12:13:00

it may sound like its towards the rear but its actually caused by a bad cv joint. more than likely its the right side


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If there is a pinging sound in a 1995 Honda Civic engine, the engine could be out of oil. If the engine was operated with no oil for a period of time, the rings and pistons could have become damaged or broken.

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Outer tie rod ended are part of the steering system on a 1998 Honda Civic. They are located in the underside of the front-end of the vehicle.

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It's printed on the underside of the fuse box cover

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Sorry but they will not be. They are headlining the Honda Civic Tour.

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