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it may sound like its towards the rear but its actually caused by a bad cv joint. more than likely its the right side

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Q: What might cause a 1997 Honda Civic to give a pinging steel clicking sound coming from the underside rear when you first start out?
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Pinging sound in a1995 Honda civic engine?

If there is a pinging sound in a 1995 Honda Civic engine, the engine could be out of oil. If the engine was operated with no oil for a period of time, the rings and pistons could have become damaged or broken.

Where is the outer tie rod end on a 94 civic?

Outer tie rod ended are part of the steering system on a 1998 Honda Civic. They are located in the underside of the front-end of the vehicle.

Can you find a Fuse box diagram for 2009 Honda civic ex?

It's printed on the underside of the fuse box cover

94 Honda civic dx hatchback there is a clicking noise in the steering what is the problem?

It will be the cv joint, it will need replacing

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A 2001 Honda Civic LX 130000 miles the engine makes a clicking noise while running and the clicking speeds up or slows down with the rpm's any suggestions?


What is the civic centers coming event?

Depends on the Civic center. Almost every city has a Civic center, which is, by definition, a prominent land area within a community that is constructed to be its focal point. The Honda Center (Civic Center of Anaheim CA) is hosting the Steve Miller Band on 02.20.10

Where is the power relay in your 1991 Honda Civic?

The power-relay box is located on the left underside of the steering wheel next to the fuse box. When the power relay malfunctions, your car may not start.

Where is the Power Window Circuit Breaker for a 1993 Civic EX located?

first of all there are NO circuit breakers on the '93 civic at all, there are only fuses. The fuse panel is located on the driverside under the dash close to the kick panel. Refer to the fuse guide located on the panel on the underside of the dash......

Why is there a hissing sound coming from under the dash of your Honda civic when you accelerate?

coz ur momma is in ur bonnet!

Why is oil coming from coolant drain plug hole on Honda civic 1989?

possibly a blown head gasket

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