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could be a bad plug

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Q: What might cause a 2000 Ford Contour to miss or sputter when accelerating?
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What might cause a 1995 ford contour to miss or sputter while accelerating?

you could check out the fuel injectors to male sure they are not clogged or geta fuel injector cleaner, if that doesn't help then check the spark plugs and timing. also a bad catalytic converter might be to blame.

Why does my 95 Honda Civic sputter and cough while accelerating during normal driving?

One reason a 1995 Honda Civic might sputter and cough while accelerating during normal driving is because of a bad coil. Another reason could be a bad fuel pump or fuel filter. Still another reason could be a bad oxygen sensor.

1989 suburban hesitates when accelerating from 45 mph?

If a 1989 Suburban hesitates when accelerating from 45 miles per hour, the carburetor might need cleaned. A clogging can cause surging and hesitation.

Why is my car weak on accelerating?

your car might be weak on accelerating because it isn't firing on all cylinders.

How is it possible to be accelerating at a constant speed?

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Why does your 4.0 v6 1993 ford ranger backfire in drive when accelerating?

Plug might be cracked .And might be arching

What might be wrong if your car is hesitating while accelerating?

dirty fuel line

Why does my Toyota Celica GT lose power when accelerating and then die?

A loss of power on a Toyota Celica GT while accelerating can be a number of things. The timing might be off. The coil pack might be allowing for a misfire. There might also be a bad Oxygen sensor or bad distributor.

When deciding between terracing and contour plowing what might a farmer consider?

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What is another way to say getting up to speed?

i don't know, but it might be "accelerating"

What is the vibration I feel when I accelerate in my 95 ford windstar?

A vibration while accelerating in a 1995 Ford Windstar might be caused by an unbalanced tire. Another cause for a vibration might be a broken motor mount. A broken tie rod might also make the car vibrate upon acceleration.

What causes a 1990 cutlass ciera hesitate and sputter when gas pedal is depressed or crusing and symptoms stop when brake is applied?

A 1990 Cutlass Ciera might hesitate and sputter when the gas pedal is depressed because of water in the fuel or because of damaged or dirty fuel injectors. You might also have an issue with the wiring or the distributor.

Why would your car idle fine but sputter when you accelerate?

There are a number of reasons why a car would idle find but sputter when you accelerate. It could need a new spark plugs. You may also have to replace the filters. It might also be an issue with the air flow.

What causes a car to sputter and shut off?

There could be several reasons why a car would sputter and shut off. The car might be out of gas, dead battery, bad starter, alternator problems or other issues. It is best to have it checked out by a licensed mechanic.

Why would there be oil in with your spark plug in your Ford Contour 97?

might have Ring damage.

Mercury mountaineer has grinding noise when accelerating and ABS light on Any suggestions on cause?


If one cylinder head has no compression but the other on does the car should still be able to start?

It might sputter and sound like it is trying.

Why would a 1996 explorer act like it has the hiccups when accelerating up hills and when getting enough speed to get on interstate?

There could be several reasons your car is "hiccuping" when accelerating, but a common cause would be a misfire from a bad spark plug. It's also possible your fuel system might need to be cleaned or replaced, such as your fuel lines and filter.

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Engine stalls when accelerating?

The engine is choking. My '89 did it. Check the throttle body. It might need cleaned out.

What causes a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse to sputter and lurch as if it is running out of gas especially when accelerating or coming to a stop?

Could be the timing, I have a 96 and a 95, when my 96 done that, i thought it was fuel filter or something of the sort, but it was that it had jumped time. Might be that your transmission is slipping... It happened with my '02 Galant. You would have to check for leaks, and may even replace the transmission fluid. spark plugs and wires may need to be changed, try that first You might need a new fuel filter, because the one you haave might be dirty

What does the motor do when the crank sensor goes bad?

It can affect the way the engine idles, the pistons fire, or the acceleration behavior. If the engine is revved up it may cause misfiring, motor vibration or backfires. Accelerating might be hesitant, and engine shaking during engine idle might happen.

What might cause a Gram variable reaction?

It might cause reaction in staining and cause accident

What would cause a car to sputter an bog down when you press the acelerator pedal or try to take off quick on a 1994 Chevy impala ss?

You should check your fuel filter. If it's clogged replace it if not then you might have a bad fuel pump. Have the fuel pump tested. There are lots of things that can cause this problem but its best to start with the easiest.