What might cause a gas smell?

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Here are a few causes of fuel odor, regardless of the year or make of the car or truck: * leak in fuel feed or vent line. * tank overfilled! * Evaporative emissions system canister clogged. * vapor leaks from system lines. fuel presure regulator, if this does not operate correctly it dumps too much gas into your engine!!

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Q: What might cause a gas smell?
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Why would a 1996 escort smell like gas even when it is not running especially after filling the tank?

Your 1996 Escort might smell like gas when it is not running because of a damaged gas tank or damaged fuel lines. Leaking injectors or a leaking tank can also cause that smell.

Why can't you smell gas?

The cause is the ethyl mercaptan contained.

What is the gas argon?

Argon gas is brown with a strong smell. It is poisonous and it can cause acid rain.

Can you die from a very very very bad smell?

No, but if the bad smell is caused by a poisonous gas you might.

If you smell gas when you start your Lincoln Ls what is it?

If the oder is way strong, you might have a gas leak.

What might cause back smoke from exshaust and bad smell 94 Ford Explorer?

what might cause black smoke from exhaust and a bad smell from a 94 ford explorer

Can a bad oxygen sensor cause gas smell?

Yes, it cause the engine to run rich.

Can a missing dipstick cause a gas or exhaust smell in a car?

No thats something else you should probably go to a garage to sort out if you can smell gas !

Natural gas has no smell leaking pipes left undetected can cause explosion?

Natural Gas don't have smell but smell is mixed up in it for the protection like the gases used in home or pipline,if they are leaked we can smell them

What would cause a gas smell in a 2006 Honda CR-V?

My engine light was on and I had a gas smell in my 2000 CRV when the pipe from the gas cap to the gas tank rotted out. It was replaced for ~$500 by Aamco.

Why do I smell gas on 1997 Ford Escort after a fill up?

You might smell gas on a 1997 Ford Escort after you fill it because you have overfilled the tank and some has spilled out onto the side of the car. You might also smell it because of leaking injectors.

Why might you smell gas inside a 2000 Chevy Malibu when the heat is turned on?

Is it gas or Freon that you are smelling?

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