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What might cause a supercharged 1995 Buick Riviera to die while you are driving down the road or sometimes to just not start?


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2009-11-27 18:24:51
2009-11-27 18:24:51

Same problem, feel the pain. So far we replaced the easy thing like the fuel sensors under the back seat. Made no difference, it would do the same thing. We are replacing the fuel pump, will keep you posted to let you know if that worked.

That was the only thing we could come up with when all sensors are working right, and the darn thing (pump) isn't working at all times. Usually if you are trying to start the car and it doesn't start you can open up the fuel tank lid and listen for the fuel pump running, if it isn't you can bet it is done for even if it starts going again after it decides to work again.

Truly frustrated with you, wait until you have to buy won,$$$.

had same problem .turned out to be my icm ,ignition control module

try this when your car dies ,pure a bottle of cold water on the coil pack .if it starts rite back up then your icm is overheating and is now heat sensitive ,so you have to replace it .

i had the same problem recently and well i replaced the fuel pump found it o e bay really cheap regular part shops have it for almost $300 but it was under $150 and then replaced my air boot the big hose that is connected to the engine and the air filter due to the fact that it had a little gap and a little too much air was getting into the engine.

It could also be water in the gas tank.

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