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well some times when you walk fast or run this might happen. i think you might have air trapped. i usually bend over several times to let the air out and take small breaths. it usually goes away after a cople of minutes.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-12 22:33:43
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Q: What might cause severe pain inside the upper right rib cage?
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What could cause severe pain in upper arm on right?

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What would cause severe pain in the mid right side?


Can Rheumatoid Arthritis cause severe abdominal pain on your right side?

No. That is not a symptom of RA. Severe abdominal pain on your right side could be many things and could also be serious and should be checked by a physician ASAP!

Can gas cause severe pain on right side lower back?

If you mean gas in the digestive tract, then yes it can.

What would cause severe pain in your right leg muscle and bone making it very hard to walk?

You may have torn your right ACL. See a doctor for professional advice.

What would cause your brake lights not to turn off?

you're wiring might not be grounded right, then you might have a short in the wires

What might cause rubbing on the left side of the car when you turn right?

When you turn right the weight of the vehicle shifts to the left, which could cause rubbing of several things on the left side.

What would cause your right hand to ache?

you might have sprained ityou might have fractured ityou might have pulled a muscle

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What might cause a dull pain in the right armpit?

anal rash or ball exploding

What can cause severe pain in upper right arm near the shoulder area?

possibly damage done to shoulder, or a heart attack can also cause intense shoulder pain Another cause could be that you have a first rib out of place.

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You have had severe pain in your right lower side for about a year n a half now before n during your period but now im almost 2 weeks late have severe pain in your right ovary n im sick to my stomach?

You need to see a doctor. You might be pregnant (if you have had sex), or there might be some internal injury or condition that causes this. Either way, please see your doctor.

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What can cause right sided back pain in the back?

Might be a Kidney infection or infected appendix.

What would cause severe pain on the right side of my back that radiates to my lower stomach?

If you are in severe pain, you need to go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) as soon as possible. If the pain is very bad you should get yourself to the emergency department of a hospital.

What can cause a neck ache on the right side?

inside your neck it is a little ball that starts to cause pain and then it goes to the side of your neck and it has this little balls that can cause it to hurt likes someone is hitting you rae stabbing you in your neck that is what makes you have neck pain.on the right side of your neck.

What could cause pain in the lower right quadrant?

It could be Appendicitis if it is very severe pain and accompanied by vomiting or nausea or Mesenteric Adenitis if you have symptoms of a cold before.

What would cause pain in lower right side?

Pain can be from many things. You should see a doctor if your pain is severe or if it doesn't go away after a couple of days.

Does typhoid cause severe abdominal pains? having typhoid for the fourth tym..and i feel severe pain on right side of my upper abdomon...which leads to my back...especially after eating..which is then followed by dizziness and dullness...n i feel like to lay down and do nothing.

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Why would you have itching on the upper right side of your chest just below your collar bone if there is no rash?

Have you gotten bitten from a bug that you might be allergic to. That might be the cause.