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Depending on the mileage and mainytenance of the engine, you MAY be looking at an engine overhaul. First off, have you checked the OIL LEVEL? make sure it is full. If it is, you may have a failign oil pump issue. The oil pump is in the oil pan at the bottom of the engine and pumps oil throughout the engine. If the oil pump fails totally your engine will eventually seize becasue there is no lubrication between the metal parts. Not good. Now if your oil pump is working properly and you are experiencing low oil pressure readings, then likely the bearing passages on the crank are worn and you are looing at an engine overhaul. If the oil and oil filter in your S10 has NOT been changed regularly, then dirty oil has been recirculating throughout your engine causing premature wear on the bearings and pistons as well as valve train. This is why it is important to perform routine maintenance on oil changes. So...check the oil level and make sure it is full. can find where the oil pressure sensor is on your engine and hook another oil pressure gauge to it and see what that gauge is reading. If it reads low also, then you are looking at an overhaul. You can add a heavier weight oil to increase some oil pressure but that really doesn't cure the problem. You're using an oil that's too thin. The engine needs a heavier oil to maintain oil pressure as the bearing clearances get a little older. If you've been using a 5W15 oil, change to a 10W30 or even a 15W40. Try going up to the next heavier oil to see if that helps. If that doesn't do it, go higher again. It could be the oil pressure switch, they are very cheap and made of plastic, prone to failure. If you are sure you have proper oil pressure in the engine but the gauge on the dash says it's low, the first thing I would suspect is that switch.

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Do I check transmission oil level with engine idling or not on my Camry 2002?

Trans fluid is always checked with car level and idling while warmed up.

1998 ford contour is idling rough after it is warmed up what do I do?

Scan for codes, some parts store do it free.

How much oil pressure should a 1982 Chevy 350 have?

The old rule of thumb used to be 10 lbs per 1000 rpms. So, if that old Chevy small block engine is warmed up and idling with 10 lbs of oil pressure, don't worry about it.

What is the normal RPM's when idling for a 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

Mine is between 500 and 600 rpm's after the engine is warmed up.

What happens when dry ice is warmed at 1 ATM of pressure?

When dry ice is warmed at 1 atm of pressure, it goes back to its gaseous state or form.

Is it normal for an lancer engine to idle at 1000 rpm?

No. It should be idling around 650 warmed up. Look for a possible vacuum leak.

When air and atmosphere is warmed what does air pressure do?

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When air in the atmosphere is warmed air pressure?

Warm front

The Motor was repaired but when the oil is hot the Pressure goes down?

It is normal for the oil pressure to drop some when warmed up.

Why would the oil pressure gauge on a 2005 Nissan Xterra drop at idle after it's warmed up?

oil pressure normally will go up and down with rms for the most part. when the motor is cold there is more oil pressure as the oil and motor get warmed up the oil thins out and the pressure goes down.

Why does a balloon get bigger when it is warmed up?

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What happens to the air pressure inside a tire when it is warmed?

The warming air would expand and the tyre pressure would go up.

I have no pressure in my radiator after it has warmed up what could be causing this to happen?

Defective radiator cap? Leak in system (Pressure test)? Head gasket?

Why is the oil pressure in your 1989 Chevy S-10 dropping?

It is normal for the oil pressure to drop when the engine is warmed up and at an idle.

Your 96 dodge Dakota is not idling when warmed up What is wrong?

my 96 dodge Dakota wont idle when engine is warm and i changed idle air controle valve what else could be wrong

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What happens when dry ice is warmed at 1atm of pressure?

sublimation (sublimation is the process of a solid turning into a gas)

Will a bad PVC cause the idle to go up and down about 200 RPMs and stall and die at a stop light?

A faulty PCV valve can certainly cause idling problems, especially after the engine has warmed.

Which step is not part of a normal convection cycle?

warmed air sinks, creating a high-pressure area as it falls.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1995 f-150?

The transmission dip stick is under the hood, on the passenger side near the firewall Check the transmission fluid with the vehicle warmed up and idling in park.

2001 Chevy truck 4.8 in the morning it will ether idle too high or die till it warms up what is it?

it is idling high to warm is dying because the choke is shutting off before it has warmed up

98 Grand AM starved for gas when warmed up?

Could possibly be the fuel filter if not, fuel pump or pressure regulator.

Why No vacuum to egr valve 1995 s-10 2.2?

There won't be any vacuum to the egr while idling. Engine must be warmed up and under acceleration or cruising before vacuum opens egr valve.

Why does a flat basketball seem inflated when warmed?

Because the heat causes the air inside the basketball to expand, which increases the pressure in the ball.

Why does the oil gauge lose pressure when warmed up on a 1993 eclipse?

Could be due to engine wear Try a heavier viscosity oil Install a manual gauge to check actual pressure

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