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They could be placed in the custody of relatives who are legal US residents or made "wards of the court" and placed in a foster or group home in the state where they now reside.

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Can an American man convicted of attempted murder move to Khazakstan and get married?

If Kazakh officials find out about your criminal background, you will be deported.

Why are people deported?

Deportation occurs when a person has violated the laws of any country. Not every violation leads to deportation. When a person has overstayed on a visa and not adhered to immigration laws, then he/she can be deported. Citizens cannot be deported but if they are convicted of any crime that affects the laws of the Country and its citizenship, then they can be deported.

Should all three time convicted criminals be deported?

When one lives in any country they must abide by the laws of that country and sign a document stating this fact. If the person is a convicted criminal for the first time they should be deported immediately back to their own country.

Can an illegal immigrant be deported if they have children that are us citizens?

yes, illegal immigrant can be deported even if he/she has children who are US citizens. moreover harbouring an illegal immigrant is a serious offence. please refer to US department of homeland security website

What can I do from keeping my illegal husband from being deported because you have 4 kids that are American citizens?

If he is being deported primarily because of illegal or criminal activity - very little or nothing. He had no right to be here in the first place and especially none to stay if he is a criminal.

Can a non-resident of Canada be reported if they are convicted of assault causing bodily harm?

Operating on the assumption that the Questioner means "Deported":Yes. A non-resident can theoretically be deported for the commission of any criminal offense.

When does a felon get deported?

The act of deportation pertains to those persons who are not US citizens. If an individual who is not a US citizen is convicted of a felony crime he or she serves the imposed sentence, their residence status is revoked and they are deported to their country of origin.

Is an illegal immigrant automatically deported after serving a sentence for a criminal offense in the US?

Yes. The convicted person loses their right to appeal deportation action.

Can an illegal immigrant with a criminal record be deported if his wife and children are U.S citizens?

Yes. Any foreign national who is unlawfully present in the US is subject to deportation regardless of their marital status or whether or not they have a criminal history. However, those persons who have a criminal record in the US are not eligible for the deportation appeal process.

Why was Marcus Garvey deported to Jamaica?

He was convicted of fraud

What was Marcus Garvey deported to Jamaica?

He was convicted of fraud.

Can a person be deported if he or she is married an American citizen?

Yes, you can be deported. I am a Japanese citizen who went to the US when I was 1 1/2 yrs old. I have 2 children and a husband, all US citizens, but I was deported for life last year.

What happens to illegal immigrants caught with drugs?

If convicted of an offence, the immigrants may either be deported or jailed and then deported.

If a resident alien is convicted of domestic violence can he or she be deported?

Yes, there is a specific deportation charge for a conviction of Domestic Assault or any criminal offense that has the elements of domestic assault. It does not matter what the sentence is.

Do you have criminal record because you were deported from Canada because of non leaving Canada on time?

Well, you certainly won't have a record in the United States, because it's not a crime in any State to be in someone else's country illegally. If you were simply deported and not convicted of any actual criminal offense in Canada, you won't have a criminal record there, either, however you are probably now listed as "ineligible to enter Canada" by the Canadian authorities.

Can a convicted felon apply for green card replacement?

If you're in the US on a green card, and convicted of a felony, you'll be deported.

Is a convicted immigrant eligible to remain in the US?

No. Illegal immigrants are subject to deportation with or without a criminal conviction. Permanent resident status and naturalized citizenship can be revoked if the circumstances warrant and the convicted person can be deported to his or her country of origin and permanently banned for applying for reentry into the US.

Can a convicted felon enter the Dominican Republic?

If he is deported from another country, yes.

Is it possible for a resident alien with a criminal record to get deported?

yes but it depends on what he got convicted of Ha! Ha! Not likely, especially if they live in a sanctuary city like San Francisco, San Diego or Houston!

Can the undocumented father be deported by the us citizens mother?


If a resident is acuse but not conviceted of domestic violence can he be deported?

Not on the basis of that accusation, not unless he is convicted.

If you were deported from US would there be a chance to come back?

It might depend on the reason you were deported. If it was because of an administrative reason (paperwork, etc), maybe. If you were deported because of criminal activity, forget it.

If an illegal Mexican is charged with a misdemeanor can they be deported?

If they're in the country illegally, they can be deported. Entering the country illegally is a criminal act in the first place.

How can someone who lost their green card get it back if they were deported for a criminal charge and how long would the process take?

If you were deported for criminal activity, there is no way you will be readmitted to the U.S. with a green card. I don't know about the possibilities if you marry.

Can a green card holder who is married to a U.S. citizen be deported if he is convicted of a crime?