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Q: What might have happened if the federal government had not ended the Whiskey Rebellion so forcefully?
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When did Whiskey Rebellion happen?

Whiskey Rebellion happened in 1794.

How did the Whiskey Rebellion affect the way government handled protestors?

The Whiskey Rebellion was a tax rebellion that happened in the colonial United States. It changed the way the government handled protesters as they started to use military suppression.

Why did the whiskey rebellion occur?

The whiskey rebellion happened because George washington had a national debt and taxed people on the whiskey to pay the debt.

What happened with the whiskey rebellion and what did it prove?

A tax was put in whiskey. The farmers got made so they started a rebellion. President George Washington proved that the government had power and would enforce the laws. Washington sent an army to stop the rebellion.

Which happened first whiskey rebellion or the revolution?

Wiskey rebelion

What year did the whiskey rebellion happen?

happened in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1794

What describes a major result of the Whiskey Rebellion?

A significant result of the Whiskey Rebellion was the realization among the public that the government would not tolerate violent protests. The rebellion began in 1791.

How was the whiskey rebellion an opportunity for federal government to demonstrate its authority?

The government enforced the exercise tax on whiskey through the force of the military.

Who was shays rebellion rebel to?

Daniel shay started the whiskey rebellion in which he stirred up farmers and peasents against the government because of the tax on whiskey.

The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 arose in southwestern Pennsylvania when the federal government?

levied an excise tax on whiskey

What happened as a result of the whiskey rebellion?

Washington sent troops down south to threaten the farmers in order to show that the federal government has power.

What was washingtons response to the whiskey rebellion?

prove the strength of the national government

What did not contribute to the whiskey rebellion?

The federal government stopped protecting the settlers.

What were the consequences of the whiskey rebellion?

The consequence of The Whisky Rebellion was the first test of power of the new federal government.

How did the whiskey rebellion strengthen the the federal government?

it showed that the government was good and they needed a strong central government

What did the whiskey rebellion Washington to show about the power of the new government?

The army that Washington led to fight off the Whiskey Rebellion showed that the federal government had more power than the state government, particularly the state of Pennsylvania.

How did the Whiskey Rebellion test the power of the national government?

It tested if the government could enforce the law.

What happened during the Whiskey Rebellion and how did the federal government respond to it?

the federal government wanted to tax whiskey. in Pennsylvania at the time whiskey was used as a form of currency. the whole argumentation was based on the premise of no taxation with out representation. the rebellion was quelled in matter of months but it prove the point that the articles of confederation were strong enough federally and were scraped and replaced with the constitution we know now

When did the Whiskey Rebellion end?

The Whiskey Rebellion ended in October, 1794.

Location of the whiskey rebellion?

The Whiskey Rebellion was located in Western Pennsylvania.

What was the location of the whiskey rebellion?

the location of the Whiskey Rebellion was...Western Pennsylvania

Who was involved in the Whiskey Rebellion and why were they protesting?

The Protest were involved in the Whiskey Rebellion.

Why did George Washington use the 1789 whiskey rebellion to show the world?

The quashing of the whiskey rebellion showed that the US federal government was able and had the resolve to enforce its laws.

How did the whiskey rebellion affect the way government handled protesters?

they arrested the protesters

How was the whiskey rebellion a victory for the federal government?

The whiskey rebellion was a victory for the federal government because it was one of the first test of federal authority in the United States history. It was also a commitment to the constitutional rule of law.