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Europa may have lots of things that scientists may not know and it may have a rocky surface to.

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Q: What might scientists think Europa has?
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Related questions

Scientists think that europa may have what?

The scientists think that Europa can have the life on it.

Why do scientist think that Europa might have the conditions for life to develop?

Scientists think there may be liquid water on Europa that we could live off of.

Why do scientists hypothesize that life might exist on europa?

They think that life might exist on Europa because they have found evidence of liquid water on Europa. Hope this helps. :) <3

What do scientist think might exist under Europa's crust?

Scientists believe that there is liquid water, under the crust of Europa.

What is europa moon made of?

Europa is covered with ice and underneath a layer of ice there is an ocean that scientists think might have life living in it. Also Europa has many cracks on it.

Why do scientists think there might be alien life on the moon Europa?

Europa shows signs of having a saline environment, which could be amenable to life.

What do scientists believe that europa may have?

I have read somewhere that scientists think that europa may have an underground ocean.

Do scientists think that Europa has an underground ocean?

no they dont

Why do astronomers think they could be life on Europa?

Why do astronomers think there could be life on Europa?

Why do scientists think europa might be a good place to look for extraterrestrial life?

This is @kanimalo correcting the answer... its actually D) water ocean and tidal energy

The internal core of the moon europa?

Europa probably contains a metallic iron core. Little information about its deep internal structure is known, but this is what scientists think.

Why do scientists think that Europa might have the conditions for life to develop?

As far was we know the development requires water in its liquid for to be present and a source of energy to supply/drive chemical reactions. We know that deep down Europa has a liquid layer (of water) and the geysers of this water into space proves that there is energy in Europa's core.

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