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What might scientists think Europa has?

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Europa may have lots of things that scientists may not know and it may have a rocky surface to.

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The scientists think that Europa can have the life on it.

Scientists think there may be liquid water on Europa that we could live off of.

They think that life might exist on Europa because they have found evidence of liquid water on Europa. Hope this helps. :) <3

Europa is covered with ice and underneath a layer of ice there is an ocean that scientists think might have life living in it. Also Europa has many cracks on it.

Europa shows signs of having a saline environment, which could be amenable to life.

I have read somewhere that scientists think that europa may have an underground ocean.

Scientists believe that there is liquid water, under the crust of Europa.

This is @kanimalo correcting the answer... its actually D) water ocean and tidal energy

If there is liquid water on Europa, there might also be life..... iquess

Europa probably contains a metallic iron core. Little information about its deep internal structure is known, but this is what scientists think.

They believe there is liquid water underneath its frozen surface. If there is liquid water on Europa, there might also be life.

A subsurface ocean, an oxygen atmosphere and potential for life.

Many scientists believe that Europa may hold water, or at least ice which could mean there is a possibility of life on one of Jupiter's moons.

As far was we know the development requires water in its liquid for to be present and a source of energy to supply/drive chemical reactions. We know that deep down Europa has a liquid layer (of water) and the geysers of this water into space proves that there is energy in Europa's core.

It may have oceans of liquid water under its layers of water ice. Scientists want to know if these oceans (assuming they are there) contain any forms of life.

Scientists think that Europa ,one of the satellites of Jupiter must have life in it as it is believed that the satellite is purely covered by thick sheet of ice, which is the solid state of water .it is also believed that the satellite also answers the Urey- Miller Hypothesis

thats to say that it might be able to harbour simple life forms, if it were to have a liquid ocean beneth its icy crust - as scientists suspect it may have.

I think it might be Mars... or maybe Europa.

The moon scientist think might have life is Europa. It has oceans 3 to 60 miles under ice.

Europa is the sixth moon of the planet Jupiter.

Well, Scientists might think there might be some kind of life on planet Mars. But Scientists don't think there's any more life.

A saline ocean beneath it's crust.

Ah, Europa, one of my favorite astronomy topics! Europa is very different from other moons in the solar system! It has a magnetic field, which is most likely caused by oceans of liquid salt water under its icy surface. Despite being super far from the sun, it's actually not so cold on Europe because of basically a gravitational tug of war between Jupiter, Io, and Ganymede. Scientists think that there might be life there!

Ebenezer : It might be. It might not. Who are we to judge what the scientists think? The existence is in their hands, isn't it?

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