What mineral contains radium?

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Radium has not its own minerals; radium exist in extremely low concentrations in uranium and thorium ores.

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Which mineral is obtained radium?


Which mineral is radium obtatained?


What mineral is radium found in most commonly?

Uranium Oxide- U3O8

What household items contain radium?

it contains lr

Thyroid hormone contains the mineral?

Thyroid hormone contains the mineral iodine.

What was the name of the ore from which marie curie obtained radium?

Pitchblende is a radioactive mineral composed of the mineral uraniumite. It is one of the main mineral ores of uranium.

Is linguine a mineral?

No it is not a mineral but it contains minerals

What type of energy does the element radium contains?

stupid energy

What is mineral sulfide?

A mineral sulfide is a mineral that contains the S2- ion.

Is topsoil a mineral?

Topsoil is not a mineral, but it contains minerals.

What is a rock that contains a mineral?

Virtually all rock contains minerals. If a rock contains a desired mineral that can be extracted for profit, it is called an ore.

A mineral that contains a combination of silicon and oxygen?

A silicate mineral

The most common mineral group contains what kind of minerals?

The most common mineral group contains silicates.

What is the glowing compound used in radium stickers?

Radium is a radio active element which always undergoes nuclear fission and desentegration, and releases energy in the form of radiation. It is an element. There is no compound in it. It contains atoms of radium.

What element contains a total of 226 protons and neutrons?

This is the isotope radium-226.

If a mineral contains more than one element it is called a?

If a mineral contains more than one element it is called a

Its a mineral that contains Calcium carbonate and breaks into rhombs?

The mineral calcite.

What mineral contains fluorine?


What contains minerals?

mineral water

What is a mineral that contains only one type of atom?

Coal is a mineral that contains only one type of atom--it's carbon.

What is the rock that contains a useful mineral?

You can call it "Ore" or even "Mineral deposit"!

What kind of mineral is radium?

Radium is a white metal that does not occur in a free state; it must be refined from pitchblende and occurs naturally only as a disintegration product in the radioactive decay of thorium, uranium, or actinium.

What mineral contains iron?

Iron is a mineral. A raw mineral from which iron may be extracted is hematite - as one example.

Contribution of Marie Curie in chemistry?

She and her husband/boyfriend discovered the radioactive material Radium (Ra) in the mineral pitchblende.

Which mineral is radium obtained?

pitchblende was the first, but any good uranium ore will do as it is a daughter element of uranium's decay.