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Calcium is needed in order for muscles to contract.

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Are ATP and calcium both needed for muscle contraction to occur?

look in ur freaken book loser.

What are the energy sources for muscle contraction to occur?


What muscle contractions occur when swimming?

concentric contraction

What must be present for muscle contraction to occur?

Ca++, mg++, atp

What chemical reactions occur in the muscle during latent period of muscle contraction?

ca ions are released from sarcoplasmic reticulum

What would occur if the uptake of calcium ions was blocked in the sarcoplasmic reticulum?

Sustained muscle contraction.

Function of papillary muscle?

contraction of papillary muscle prevent AV valves to be inverted inside atria . this occur during ventricular systole.

What is needed besides calcium for contraction to occur in muscles?

Two others are sodium and potassium.

Why does tetany not occur in cardiac muscle?

Muscle tetany occurs in muscles without absolute refractory period. The stimulus for contraction comes before the preceding contraction/relaxation is over leading to multiple action potentials without a refractory period. It does not occur in cardiac muscle because it has absolute refractory period during which the muscle cannot be excited, thus making tetany impossible

What ion is essential for a muscle contraction to occur?

Calcium binding to actin-myosin causes contraction. The calcium is released to the sarcomere from a specialized storage organelle, the sarcoplasmic reticulum.

Peristalsis is example of what type of muscle?

Peristalsis is the contraction of the digestive muscles. Peristalsis is the contractions that occur in the smooth muscles of the body.

What is the role of the mineral acids in the esterification process?

A mineral acid catalyst is usually needed to make the reaction occur at a useful rate.

Why is important that summation not occur in heart muscle?

Basic muscle summation -an increase in the frequency with which a muscle is stimulated increases the strength of contraction. With increased stimuli to the heart if summation occurred the contractions would keep increasing.

Why is it important that summation not occur in heart muscle?

Basic muscle summation -an increase in the frequency with which a muscle is stimulated increases the strength of contraction. With increased stimuli to the heart if summation occurred the contractions would keep increasing.

What is the first event to occur in muscle relaxation?

Acetylcholinesterase immediately destroys acetylcholine, so the motor end-plate is no longer stimulated (i.e. it cannot cause continuous muscle contraction)

What are diastolic murmurs?

Those which occur during relaxation of the heart between beats are called diastolic murmurs. Those which occur during contraction of the heart muscle are called systolic murmurs

What Chemical reactions occur when practicing martial arts and what are their formulas?

I feel like this is such an oddly specific question that you are asking for a class or essay type question. Do the work and research : muscle contraction, ATP and the chemicals involved in muscle contraction, as well as acid buildup causing fatigue.

What is needed besides calcium for contraction to occur?

An action potential. It is the nerve impulse that enters into sarcomeres from the sarcoplasmic reticulum and provides the energy for the calcium ions to briefly bind to the troponin on the actin myofilament to allow for contraction to occur by bringing the Z-lines closer together.

Skeletal muscles need nerve stimulation for contraction to occur?

yes skeletal muscle needs nerve stimulation in order to contract. Only cardiac and smooth muscle can still contract without a nerve stimulation.

What change occur in sacomere during muscle contraction?

The sarcomere itself will become shorter.The sarcomere will shorten.

What special features does cardiac muscle posses?

Cardiac muscle is unique in that it shows some features of skeletal muscle and some features of smooth muscle. As the name implies, cardiac muscle is the muscle that makes up the wall of the heart. Cardiac muscle is similar to skeletal muscle in that it is striated and multinucleate, and similar to smooth muscle in that the nuclei are centrally located and many cells are required to span the length of the muscle. It differs from both skeletal muscle and smooth muscle in that its cells branch and are joined to one another via intercalated discs. Intercalated discs allow communication between the cells such that there is a sequential contraction of the cells from the bottom of the ventricle to the top, facilitating maximal ejection of blood from the ventricle during contraction. This occurs with out nervous innervation to each cell or group of cells. Cardiac muscle also differs from the other two muscle types in that contraction can occur even without an initial nervous input. The cells that produce the stimulation for contraction without nervous input are called the pacemaker cells.

When does excitation-contraction coupling occur?

Latent period; Delay This is the time required for excitation, excitation-contraction coupling, and tensing of the elastic components of the muscle Chapter 11 Anatomy & Physiology "The Unity of Form and Function" 5th Edition Saladin

What ion is necessary for cardiac contraction to occur?

calcium is te most important ion in cardiac contraction , whereas the contraction starts by the Na .

What are the essential elements needed for muscle contraction to occur?

Essential elements (as in elements pharmacologically) would be Na (Sodium) and Ca (Calcium) - not including Chlorine as muscle twitches occur without innovation of somatic motor neuron. If your not talking about a twitch you may possibly also include chlorine.. The influx of Na (sodium) into the muscle cell initiates the muscle's generation of an Action potential, which then travels down the T-Tubules, triggering the influx of Ca (Calcium) into the sarcomere (muscle cell cytoplasm). The Ca then binds to tropoponin (receptors on tropomyosin) which the 'calcium tropoponin' complex then pulls the tropomyosin causing the revealance of Myosin binding site. ATP comes and causes myosin heads to lift and bind to actin - filaments move toward M line - u have a muscle contraction.

What is the role of calcium ions in skeletal muscle contraction?

Ca ion is the main thing in contaraction of muscles as ca ion adhere to the troponin in the muscle fibre actin n myosin filament join forming a cross bridge which results in pulling of actin filament and contraction occur......hope u satisfy by this ans can ask for detail at